ACM Technology Policy Council Releases Principles for Generative AI Technologies

July 11, 2023

In response to major advances in generative AI technologies — as well as the significant questions these technologies pose in areas including intellectual property, the future of work, and even human safety — ACM's global Technology Policy Council (TPC) has issued "Principles for the Development, Deployment, and Use of Generative AI Technologies."

Drawing on the deep technical expertise of computer scientists in the United States and Europe, the TPC statement outlines eight principles intended to foster fair, accurate, and beneficial decision-making concerning generative and all other AI technologies. The Introduction to the new Principles advances the core argument that “the increasing power of generative AI systems, the speed of their evolution, broad application, and potential to cause significant or even catastrophic harm, means that great care must be taken in researching, designing, developing, deploying, and using them. Existing mechanisms and modes for avoiding such harm likely will not suffice.”

"Principles for the Development, Deployment, and Use of Generative AI Technologies" was jointly produced and adopted by ACM’s US Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) and Europe Technology Policy Committee (Europe TPC). The document addresses four new issues uniquely posed by the rise and rapid proliferation generative AI. It also revises and restates nine additional principles first discussed in the TPC's similarly developed October 2022 joint " Statement on Principles for Responsible Algorithmic Systems" and draws upon its January 2023 ACM TechBrief: "Safer Algorithmic Systems."

Read the ACM news release.