ACM Europe Council Call for Volunteers

The ACM Europe Council was created by ACM to recognize and support European ACM members and activities. This Council, like all activities, owes its accomplishments to the dedication and hard work of its volunteers.

Recently, the ACM Europe Council developed a strategic plan for the next few years. The volunteer leadership of this Council currently is looking for volunteers to help execute this new plan. Volunteers are needed for the following strategic activities:

  • Awards: Awards can be an effective way of increasing the visibility of European members. The Council’s strategic goal is to increase the number of Europeans receiving ACM Awards and ACM Member Grades (Fellows and Distinguished Members). For that to happen, the Council needs volunteers who will work to consider deserving Europeans and work towards nominations for these people.
  • Events: The ACM Europe Council would like to create more opportunities for researchers and developers in Europe to exchange views, present ideas, and discuss practical and theoretical issues with peers. The goals are to provide networking opportunities for both established and early career European researchers and students as well as to foster collaboration among universities, research centers, and industry in Europe. Volunteers are needed who are interested in considering strategizing about such opportunities and organizing relevant events.
  • Communication: There are many existing opportunities in ACM to highlight the work of European researchers and developers. This communication strategic goal aims to foster awareness of these opportunities and increase the representation of Europeans in these global activities. In addition to ACM Awards and Advanced Members Grades, these opportunities include more Europeans as ACM Distinguished Speakers, TechTalk speakers, and as featured researchers and developers in People of ACM. The ACM Europe Council needs volunteers who will help spread the word about these opportunities and suggest European researchers and developers who would participate in these activities.
  • Technology PolicyThe ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee is the group within the ACM Europe Council that addresses technology public policy issues in Europe. This group is called upon to provide comments and other input to the European Commission and other European agencies that address technology policies. The strategic goal is to increase the number of researchers and developers working with this policy committee to increase the breadth of its technology expertise. The ACM Europe Council seeks volunteers who wish to make an impact in the space of European public policy.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these strategic activities, please send a short CV, resume, and/or your website link to Rosa M. Badia, [email protected], and Pat Ryan, [email protected]. Please indicate the activity (or activities) to which you would like to contribute.