ACM Recognizes Innovators Who Solve Real World Problems

June 18, 2023

ACM today announced the recipients of four prestigious technical awards. These four awards in diverse categories celebrate the hard work and creativity which underpin many of today’s most important technologies.

Prateek Mittal, Princeton University, is the recipient of the 2023 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for foundational contributions to safeguarding Internet privacy and security using a cross-layer approach.

Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Vrije Universiteit, receives the ACM Software System Award for MINIX, which influenced the teaching of Operating Systems principles to multiple generations of students and contributed to the design of widely used operating systems, including Linux.

Guy E. Blelloch, Carnegie Mellon University; Laxman Dhulipala, University of Maryland; and Julian Shun, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receive the ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for contributions to algorithm engineering, including the Ligra, GBBS, and Aspen frameworks, which revolutionized large-scale graph processing on shared-memory machines.

David Blei of Columbia University receives the ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award and is recognized for significant contributions to machine learning, information retrieval, and statistics. His signature accomplishment is in the machine learning area of “topic modeling," which he pioneered in the foundational paper “Latent Dirichlet Allocation” (LDA).

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