Recent Georgia Tech Grad Earns ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award

June 17, 2024

Nivedita Arora of Northwestern University is the recipient of the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award for her dissertation “Sustainable Interactive Wireless Stickers: From Materials to Devices to Applications,” which demonstrated wireless and batteryless sensor nodes using novel materials and radio backscatter. Arora’s research envisions creating sustainable computational materials that operate by harvesting energy from the environment and, at the end of their life cycle, can be responsibly composted or recycled. Her research process involves working at the intersection of materials, methods of fabrication, low-power systems, and HCI. She actively looks to apply her work to application domains such as smart homes, health, climate change, and wildlife monitoring.

Honorable Mentions for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award go to Gabriele Farina of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his dissertation “Game-Theoretic Decision Making in Imperfect-Information Games," and William Kuszmaul of Harvard University for his dissertation “Randomized Data Structures: New Perspectives and Hidden Surprises."

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