Communications of the ACM Relaunched as Web-First Publication

March 26, 2024

ACM has relaunched Communications of the ACM (CACM) as a web-first, open access publication. The web-first model allows CACM to publish articles more rapidly than before so that readers can keep abreast of the lightning-fast changes in the computing field. At the same time, researchers are able to reference and cite valuable information and research from CACM articles more quickly. The reengineered website also allows CACM authors to publish longer articles and make greater use of video and other multimedia content. And the CACM website is even more user-friendly with improved search capabilities, more interactivity, simplified categorization of articles in new sections, daily content updates, and a modern, spacious design that lends itself to all devices.

“CACM offers readers access to this generation’s most significant leaders and innovators in computing and information technology,” explained ACM President Yannis Ioannidis. “It also provides a critical outlet for researchers and practitioners to showcase their work. We believe the entire global computing community will benefit enormously by using CACM as a forum for presenting and discussing the most significant new ideas and results. We also believe that CACM’s web-first, open platform will showcase once again the leadership position of ACM in advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of computing by fostering the open exchange of information, and inspiring many more computing professionals to engage with and benefit from the rich spectrum of ACM activities.”

Read the press release.