Introducing Communications of The ACM's Regional Special Sections

In 2018, Communications of the ACM debuted the first regional special section through its collection of the latest technological advancement in China. The regional special sections showcase the different inventions and innovations of the global computing community as well as provide coverage to the different cultural perspectives that are apparent in the computing field. Each section is curated by a regional team with articles that best reflect the technological developments of the region. CACM invites you to read through this collection of articles and feel inspired by the innovations of the past, present, and future.

Special Section on the East Asia and Oceania Region, July 2023

This special section brings together articles about the cutting-edge technological research and innovation from East Asia and Oceania. The articles collected for the July 2023 issue displays technological advances from the region that aim to strengthen research and communication collaborations worldwide. Varying topics from AI to assistive devices to disease prediction, the East Asia and Oceania issue features the region’s groundbreaking work available to read on Communications of the ACM. Flora Salim, Bingsheng He, and Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi discuss the East Asia and Oceania Region Special Section in this video here.

Special Regional Section on India, November 2022

The second regional special section on India continues to demonstrate the country’s important role in the global computing landscape. In recent years, India has developed substantially in areas of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Lab-to-field research and technology transfer have also significantly impacted the region. In the Communications of the ACM November 2022 issue, 15 articles illustrate the cross-cutting innovations at different levels of maturity. From pure research to real-world deployments, read the diverse and exciting technological projects developing in India. For this issue, Hemangee Kalpesh Kapoor, Mausam, and Venkatesh Ramen, discuss the India Regional Special Section in this video

Europe Regional Special, April 2022

The second Europe regional special section is available on Communications of the ACM. Comprised of nearly 50 countries with immense cultural and socioeconomic diversity, the unique cultures and diversity of Europe is reflected in its business structures and computer science research. A key objective emphasized by the European Union (E.U.) is achieving digital sovereignty in the private and public sectors, while furthering development of traditional industrials and design strengths. Therefore, data strategies and regulations by the E.U. prioritizes resilient networking of decentralized digital infrastructures. Highlighted articles include the GAIA-X initiative, discussions on decentralized data space infrastructure, the transition from 5G to 6G networks, and more! Check out the video of co-organizers Jessica R. Cauchgard, Matthias Jarke, and Nuria Oliver discussing the Europe Regional Special.

Regional Special on China, November 2021

Since the first China regional special section back in November 2018, there have been notable changes in technological advances and achievements. The second regional special on China aims to celebrate these advancements and showcase them for readers to learn and appreciate such developments. The November 2021 Communications of the ACM issue shows topics from mixed reality to speech and language processing and discussion on China’s supercomputer architectures.

Regional Section on the Arab World, April 2021

Over the last decade, the Arab World witnessed a significant growth in research and computing. New research-based universities within the region have led to recent developments in the Arabic technological industry. This April 2021 issue of Communications of the ACM highlights these new developments and how innovators are utilizing them. Listen to co-organizers Sheriff G. Aly, Mohamed Mokbel, and Oustafa Youssef discuss the Arab World Regional Special Section.

Latin America Regional Special, November 2020

The November 2020 Communications of the ACM regional special section focuses on Latin America. Covering all Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries from south of the Rio Grande to the tip of Cape Horn, this section aims to display the multiple levels of computer science research across the region. Despite challenges in inequality, education, and government, there has been diverse technology advancements in the region which works to focus on both research and problems unique to Latin America. Watch coordinators Virgilio Almeida, Gonzalo Navarro, and Sergio Rajsbaum talk about the regional special.  

Special Section on East Asia and Oceania Region, April 2020

Technology developments in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Asia-Pacific countries including Japan and Korea are highlighted in CACM's April 2020 issue. The inventive minds of the researchers and practitioners in the region have put computing technology to great use as illustrated in diverse applications ranging from preserving cultural heritage to services designed to enhance the digital economy. Trends include advances in 5G, research in program analysis and trustworthy computing, and government initiatives in artificial intelligence and healthcare. Co-organizers Sue Moon, Ann Nicholson, and Abhik Roychoudhury discuss the East Asia and Oceania Region Special Section in this video

Special Regional Section on India, November 2019

The Indian region plays an important role in the global computing landscape with its highly trained manpower, software companies, and top universities that produce students who not only serve local needs, but move around the world and have global impact. Communications of the ACM developed this special section to mirror all these facets, showcasing technological innovations such as ICTs, the Aadhaar project, and much more for its November 2019 issue. Watch a video in which co-organizers Anand Deshpande, Pankaj Jalote, and PJ Narayanan introduce the regional section.

Europe Regional Special Section, April 2019

The Communications of the ACM launches its first Europe regional special section. In April 2019, the CACM issue brought attention to the unique environment Europe provides for developing a distinctive computing landscape. European policies have issued importance in promoting advancements within the technological industry while establishing regulations to protect personal data and privacy. Topics in this issue covers gender equality in STEM to increasing digitization and automation to utilizing ICT technologies to address a shrinking workforce. Watch a video of Chris Hankin and Panagiota Fatourou discussing the Europe regional special section.

Regional Special on China, November 2018

Communications of the ACM has launched the China Region Special Section, the first in a series of regional special sections. The new section focuses on the China region and comprises 13 articles examining current computing and information technology trends in China, Macau and Hong Kong. From the future of AI, to the integration of technology in both the economy and financial industry, article topics are varied on the utilization capability of technology to serve the global community. Wenguang Chen and Xiang-Yang Li discuss the China Region Special Section in the November 2018 CACM in this video