ACM Statement Cites British Prime Minister Brown's Apology on Treatment of Alan Turing

ACM Statement Cites British Prime Minister Brown's Apology on Treatment of Alan Turing

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Contact: Virginia Gold

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New York, NY, September 11, 2009 – ACM President Dame Wendy Hall issued the following statement on behalf of ACM regarding British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Apology on the Treatment of British mathematician Alan M. Turing:

               "ACM applauds Prime Minister Brown's statement on the treatment of Alan Turing.  

            "ACM has long celebrated the fundamental contributions of Alan M. Turing not only for his instrumental role in British code-breaking efforts that hastened the end of World War II, but for his insights to the mathematical underpinnings of computing and computer science, which continue to drive innovation and produce unimaginable advances in science and technology that have made the world a better place.  

            "As a consequence, the most prestigious award in computing and computer science, the A.M. Turing Award, was established by ACM in 1966, and named after Alan Turing.  ACM looks forward to joining with other organizations to celebrate the centenary of Turing's birth in 2012."


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