Recent ACM Europe TPC Public Policy Products

Official ACM policy statements require adoption by the ACM Council or the ACM Executive Committee, and represent the views of ACM. The following materials are the product of, and should be attributed to, the ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee except where identified as having been jointly produced.




ACM Europe TPC Comments on "Chips Act" Semiconductor Ecosystem Framework

Europe TPC’s Comments support the Commission’s goal of enabling Europe to become more self-reliant in semiconductor manufacturing. It notes, however, that the proposed Chips Act fails to take into account the climate impact of such manufacturing in its proposed framework. That represents a missed opportunity to further the European Union’s Green Deal objectives that should be redressed.

ACM Europe TPC Comments on EC's “Path to the Digital Decade" Decision

ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee's contributions to the European Commission's intermediate-range plans for a productive digital future included encouraging universal digital literacy, advancing neuromorphic computing, and realistically assessing the pros and cons of technologies intended to mitigate climate change.