For "Botter" or Worse: Chat GPT, the Universe, and Everything - May 3, 2023

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Groundbreaking. Existential threat. Educational crisis. Investment bonanza. Double-edged sword. Impressive but still flawed. Just a few of the first ten descriptors appearing in the results of a recent web search for "ChatGPT."

Like almost no other technological development in recent memory, the seemingly sudden explosion of OpenAI's breakthrough "generative AI" software onto the world stage has illuminated computing's centrality to commerce, popular culture, health, art, law, education, and myriad spheres of daily life.

The rise of the chatbots has been hailed as cause for celebration and congratulation, concern and consternation, moratoria and regulation. But what really is generative AI and what's to be done with, to, and about it as its use—for better, worse, and other—accelerates around the globe?

ACM's US Technology Policy Committee hosted a HotTopics webinar session, "For 'Botter' or Worse: Chat GPT, the Universe, and Everything ." Join a panel of ACM experts as they discuss the seemingly sudden explosion of OpenAI's breakthrough "generative AI" software onto the world stage, and computing's centrality to myriad spheres of daily life.

Panelist Bios

Jeanna Matthews (Moderator) is a Professor of Computer Science at Clarkson University, a Member of the ACM Technology Policy Council and US Technology Policy Committee, and Co-Chair of USTPC’s Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Accountability. She is also Co-Chair of CACM Viewpoints and Vice-Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) USA AI Policy Committee.



Paul DeMarinis is a Professor of Art at Stanford University a pioneer of computer use in performance art with exhibitions at the I.C.C. in Tokyo, the Bravin Post Lee Gallery in New York, The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and the 2006 Shanghai Biennale. He was previously Artist-in-Residence at The Exploratorium and at Xerox PARC.



Ravi Jain is an Advisor at Google X, a USTPC member, and Co-Chair of USTPC Generative AI Working Group. Previously he led AI for AR and Metaverse at Meta was Vice President at Amazon for Search AI and Alexa, Chief Technology Officer to Paul Allen at Vulcan, Director for Mobile Advertising at Google, Vice President for Network Research at NTT DoCoMo Labs, and a Senior Scientist at Bellcore.



Alejandro Saucedo is Director of Engineering & Applied Science at Zalando SE, a member of the ACM Council and Europe Technology Policy Committee, Chief Scientist at The Institute for Ethical AI, and Chair, Linux Foundation Machine Learning Security Committee.