AI Letters Journal: Call for Proposals

Given the size, scope, and rate of change of research in AI and machine learning, it is difficult to follow the latest literature and identify the most important advances, especially those outside one’s immediate area of expertise. Significant results may be buried among the huge number of papers that appear in a wide diversity of publication venues, many of which have differing standards of peer review and/or openness.

Several other scientific and engineering disciplines have prestigious letters journals aimed at informing their wider communities of significant results in their respective fields. ACM is proposing to launch a new journal, provisionally titled AI Letters, that will provide such a venue for significant results of wide interest to the AI/ML community.

The primary aim of the journal is to provide rapid publication of papers that report on a singular significant result or summarize a collection of results that are of significance taken together. The goal is for the papers to be readable by researchers with expertise in AI/ML, but not necessarily in the specific area of the paper in question. AI Letters will provide a wide coverage, including both theoretical and practical advances of interest to AI/ML researchers as well as to domain scientists and/or practitioners who are following results in AI that might be applicable to their fields.

We would be glad to hear from ACM community members who have the necessary expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to work with us to develop this proposal and participate in the launch and editorial oversight of this important new journal. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected].

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