Submitting Articles to ACM Journals

Manuscripts accepted for publication in any of ACM publications must be formatted using the ACM authoring template. Articles published in ACM journals and transactions are prepared for both print and digital display in the ACM Digital Library. The instructions contained herein are meant to make the process of manuscript preparation as straightforward as possible. We accept submission in either LaTeX or MS Word format.

ACM templates will very closely approximate the final output, enabling authors to judge the page-length of their published articles. However, your output is not in the final format. Your paper will be copy edited according to the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam Webster Dictionary, then formatted according to the ACM template. Proofs will be sent to you for final approval.



New Word Template for ACM Authors

Working with volunteers from both the SIG and journal communities, ACM has developed a new, easy-to-use Word authoring template and workflow which will allow authors to concentrate on their content rather than focus on print output formatting, as well as reduce the time needed to prepare the text for submission.