ACM Computing Classification System (CCS) Update Project

The ACM Publications Board is updating the Computing Classification System (CCS). This project is funded jointly by the ACM SIG Discretionary Fund and by the Publications Board. Until recently, CCS was named the Computing Reviews Classification System (CRCS); it was renamed in recognition of its general use as a standard for classifying the computing literature.

The ACM Computing Classification System has become a standard for identifying and categorizing computing literature, as well as areas of computing interest and/or expertise. The current taxonomy for categorizing the computing literature saw its first release in 1982. More than a quarter million documents have since been indexed using this scheme and may be searched and retrieved accordingly.

A complete copy of CCS is available in the January 1996 editions of Computing Reviews and ACM's Guide to Computing Literature. The CCS is also accessible here on the World-wide Web

The members of the committee coordinating this update are:

  • Neal Coulter - Chair, Florida Atlantic University
  • James French, University of Virginia
  • Thomas Horton, Florida Atlantic University
  • Ephraim Glinert, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Nancy Mead, Software Engineering Institute
  • Roy Rada, Washington State University
  • Anthony Ralston, SUNY-Buffalo
  • Allen Tucker, Bowdoin College
  • Peter Wegner, Brown University
  • Eric Weiss

ACM staff representatives are:

  • Bernard Rous, Deputy Director of Publications
  • Carol Wierzbicki, Managing Editor, Computing Reviews and Guide to Computing Literature
  • Craig Rodkin, Assignment Editor and Database Manager, Computing Reviews and Guide to Computing Literature

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ACM CCS Update Information, Last change 2-August-1996 by Tom Horton.