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    Collective Intelligence
      Jessica Flack  
      Ipeirotis Ipeirotis  
      Geoff Mulgan  
      Scott Page  
    Computing Surveys
      Albert Zomaya  
      Karan Ahuja  
    Digital Government: Research and Practice
      Soon Chun  
      Beth Noveck  
    Distributed Ledger Technologies: Research and Practice
      Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo  
      Mohammad Hammoudeh  
    GAMES: Research and Practice
      Sebastian Deterding  
      Kenny Mitchell  
    Formal Aspects of Computing
      Jim Woodcock
    Transactions on Recommender Systems
      Li Chen
      Dietmar Jannach  
    Digital Threats: Research and Practice
      Arun Lakhotia  
      Leigh Metcalf  
    Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage
      Franco Niccolucci  
    Journal of Data and Information Quality
      Tiziana Catarci  
    Journal of the ACM
      Venkatesan Guruswami  
    Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems
      Ramesh Karri  
    Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
      Victor B. B. Zordan  
    Proceedings of the ACM on Human Computer Interaction
      Jeffrey Nichols  
    Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies
      Silvia Santini  
    Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems
      Augustin Chaintreau  
    Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages
      Philip Wadler  
    Transactions on Accessible Computing
      Tiago Guerreiro  
      Stephanie Ludi  
    Transactions on Algorithms
      Edith Cohen  
    Transactions on Applied Perception
      Bobby Bodenheimer  
    Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization
      David Kaeli  
    Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing
      Imed Zitouni  
    Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
      Valerie Issarny  
    Transactions on Computation Theory
      Ryan O'Donnell  
    Transactions on Computational Logic
      Anuj Dawar  
    Transactions on Computer Human Interactions
      Kristina Höök  
    Transactions on Computer Systems
      Michael Swift  
    Transactions on Computing Education
      Amy Ko  
    Transactions on Computing for Healthcare
      Insup Lee  
      John Stankovic  
    Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems
      Chenyang Lu
    Transactions on Data Science
      Jelena Bradic
      Stratos Idreos  
      John Lafferty  
    Transactions on Database Systems
      Christopher Jermaine  
    Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems
      Sharon Hu  
    Transactions on Economics and Computation
      David Pennock  
      Ilya Segal  
    Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems
      Tulika Mitra  
    Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization
      Juergen Branke  
      Darrell Whitley  
    Transactions on Graphics
      Carol O'Sullivan
    Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction
      Chad Jenkins  
      Selma Sabanovic  
    Transactions on Information Systems
      Min Zhang Zhang Zhang  
    Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
      Huan Liu  
    Transactions on Internet of Things
      Schahram Dustdar  
      Ling Liu  
      Gian Pietro Picco  
    Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data
      Charu Aggarwal  
    Transactions on Management Information Systems
      Daniel Zeng  
    Transactions on Mathematical Software
      Zhaojun Bai  
      Wolfgang Bangerth  
    Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation
      Francesco Quaglia  
    Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems
      Leana Golubchik  
    Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
      Abdulmotaleb El Saddik  
    Transactions on Privacy and Security
      Ninghui Li  
    Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
      Andrew Myers  
    Transactions on Quantum Computing
      Travis Humble  
      Mingsheng Ying  
    Transactions on Sensor Networks
      Yunhao Liu  
    Transactions on Social Computing
      Kevin Crowston  
    Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems
      Walid Aref  
    Transactions on Storage
      Sam Noh  
    Transactions on the Web
      Ryen White