Appealing Policy Violation Decisions

Updated April 8, 2024

All claimants and the accused have the right to appeal official decisions.

All appeals must be in writing to the ACM President no more than 30 days from the date of notification, with a copy sent to the ACM Director of Publications. An appeal must contain new material that was not already evaluated by the Committee or substantive information that might lead the ACM President to issue a different decision than the one initially made.

If no appeal has been requested, the decision shall stand and the appropriate penalties shall be implemented.

In the event an appeal has been requested, the ACM President's decision shall be final and the President will communicate their decision on the appeal in writing to the CEO, the Chair of the Ethics and Plagiarism Committee, and the Respondent, and, if the appeal results in a change in determination or sanction, they will additionally report the outcome of the decision along with justification for the change to the Complainant and members of the Ethics and Plagiarism Committee involved in the investigation or on the subcommittee.

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