Permanent Access

Updated July 2019
Policy Adopted May 2015

ACM SIGs may authorize the posting of Tables of Contents of their scheduled upcoming sponsored conference proceedings or ACM SIG Newsletters with Author-Ized links enabling free full-text downloads from the ACM Digital Library.

Effective as of 2014, these OpenTOCs may be kept permanently on the conference site or the SIG site. The SIG must decide which site(s) to use.

Effective July 2019, the ACM Publications Board approved a pilot that enables OpenTOCs to be created for ACM SIG Newsletters and made available via ACM SIG Sites. As a pilot there is no guarantee that such OpenTOCs for ACM SIG Newsletters will be persistent over the long term. Based on a variety of factors, at the discretion of the ACM SIG or ACM Publications Board, this pilot could ultimately be discontinued.

The sponsoring SIGs may choose OpenTOC for the upcoming volume (rolling off after 12 months), or a permanent OpenTOC that remains in perpetuity (effective as of 2014) on the chosen site(s) to build up a local series archive, or no OpenTOC at all.

For co-sponsored conferences, all co-sponsors must agree to the OpenTOC posting and each co-sponsor may choose its own website(s). For ACM conferences, there is no charge to the conference or related SIGs for this service.


  • ACM HQ will be informed of the site(s), prepare the OpenTOC, and deliver it to the designated contact person for each conference.

  • If the SIG authorizes posting the OpenTOC, the designated conference leader should carry out that decision for each given volume of proceedings.

  • If a SIG authorizes a permanent OpenTOC for a given volume, rather than a rolling annual OpenTOC, it is advisable to place it on the site where it is most likely to be maintained.

  • Full-text downloads from the ACM Digital Library via OpenTOCs, Author-Izer, OpenSurround, OA, SIG membership, and Free articles are all being tracked and will be regularly reported to the SGB separately from downloads via subscription.

  • The ACM SIG Newsletter pilot is optional. Interested ACM SIGs must contact ACM HQ staff to request the creation of an OpenTOC for their respective newsletter.

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