SIGACCESS - Accessible Computing


ACM SIGACCESS supports the international community of researchers and professionals applying computing and information technologies to empower individuals with disabilities and older adults. The SIG also promotes the professional interests of students and computing personnel with disabilities and strives to educate the public to support careers for people with disabilities..

SIGACCESS benefits for FY 2023

Member Benefits provided to SIGACCESS Members:

  • Subscription to SIGACCESS newsletter, published three times per year (online)
  • Reduced registration at conferences and workshops sponsored by SIGACCESS
  • Reduced registration at conferences and workshops in cooperation with SIGACCESS
  • Access to the following content in the ACM Digital Library:
    • Proceedings of conferences sponsored by SIGACCESS
    • SIGACCESS Newsletter
    • Proceedings of conferences and workshops in cooperation with SIGACCESS
  • SIGACCESS-MEMBERS email list

Community Benefits provided by SIGACCESS:

  • Sponsorship of ASSETS conference and other related conferences and workshops
  • Advocacy for computing and people with disabilities, and assistance in the development of policies and procedures for accessibility at the ACM, local, national, and international level
  • SIGACCESS has developed a guide and accessibility FAQ generator that can be used by other groups interested in ensuring that their conferences are accessible so that people with disabilities can fully participate
  • SIGACCESS has developed a guide (in text and video) for authors of ACM publications, describing how to make a PDF document accessible to people with disabilities
  • SIGACCESS organizes a doctoral consortium annually in conjunction with ASSETS, providing feedback and guidance to students pursuing a PhD in an area of importance for the accessibility community
  • SIGACCESS Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards at the ASSETS conference
  • SIGACCESS Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computing and Accessibility (every other year)
  • SIGACCESS ASSETS Paper Impact Award (every other year)
  • ACCESS-ANNOUNCEMENTS email list for accessibility related information and events
  • SIGACCESS Scholarship in Computers and Accessibility supporting practitioners, researchers, members of advocacy groups, and individuals with disabilities who are interested in the field of computers and accessibility, to actively participate in the ASSETS conference and gain experience and knowledge from interacting with experts in the field
  • SIGACCESS website, with access to the proceedings of the most recent ASSETS conference
  • Support for ACM-W scholarship recipients attending ASSETS conference
  • Repository of PhD dissertations and Masters Degree theses on accessibility topics