SIGAI - Artificial Intelligence


The scope of SIGAI, ACM's Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence, consists of the study of intelligence and its realization in computer systems. SIGAI's mission is to promote and support AI-related conferences. Members receive reduced registration rates to all affiliated conferences. Members also receive proceedings from the major SIGAI-sponsored conferences.SIGAI publishes a quarterly newsletter, AI Matters, with ideas and announcements of interest to the AI community.

SIGAI Bylaws

SIGAI Benefits for FY 2023:

Member Benefits Provided to SIGAI Members:

  • Email announcements about news and availability of open quarterly newsletter "AI Matters" in the ACM Digital Library
  • Conference proceedings from AAMAS, HRI, K-CAP, and IUI available
  • Travel support for students to SIGAI sponsored conferences
  • Reduced registration at the conferences sponsored by SIGAI:
    • ASE: Automated Software Engineering, Sept.
    • HRI: Human Robot Interaction, Mar.
    • IUI:  International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Jan.
    • K-CAP: Knowledge Capture, Oct. (odd years)
    • WI/IAT: Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, Oct.
    • IVA: Intelligent Virtual Agents, Nov.
  • Reduced registration at conferences held "in cooperation" with SIGAI (the list varies from year to year)
  • Access to the following contents in the ACM Digital Library:
    • Proceedings of all the SIGART/SIGAI sponsored conferences
    • Proceedings of some conferences and workshops held in cooperation with SIGAI/SIGART
  • Webinars on AI topics (some are openly available)

Community Benefits Provided by SIGAI:

  • Career Network and Conference: a new conference and on-line networking site for early career researchers in AI
  • Sponsorship and support of conferences relevant to the AI community
  • Autonomous Agents Research Award
  • Support for AAAI/SIGAI Doctoral Consortium
  • SIGAI Web site (with quarterly newsletter "AI Matters" and AI Matters blog openly available on web site)