SIGIR - Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval


The ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval welcomes members working in all aspects of information storage, retrieval, and dissemination, including research, development, evaluation, and education. The mission of SIGIR has expanded to cover a variety of search-related research topics applied to a broad range of unstructured data including text, images, video, audio, and recorded speech. SIGIR sponsors its own conference on research and development in information retrieval and co-sponsors several other conferences and workshops.

SIGIR benefits for FY 2023:

Member Benefits provided to SIGIR Members:

  • Subscription to SIGIR Forum newsletter, published two times per year (in digital form).
  • Reduced registration at conferences sponsored by SIGIR (SIGIR, ICTIR, CHIIR, CIKM, JCDL, WSDM)
  • Reduced registration at conferences held "in cooperation" with SIGIR (list varies from year to year)
  • Access to the following content in the ACM Digital Library:
    • SIGIR, ICTIR, CHIIR, CIKM, JCDL, and WSDM conference proceedings
    • SIGIR Forum
    • Some conferences and workshops held in cooperation with SIGIR
  • Voting rights in SIGIR elections and opportunity to serve as a SIG officer
  • Student Members:
    • Student travel support to attend SIGIR and other co-sponsored conferences
    • Annual doctoral consortiums at SIGIR and other co-sponsored conferences
    • Student liaisons and student events at the SIGIR conference

Community Benefits provided by SIGIR:

  • Sponsorship of the SIGIR, ICTIR and CHIIR conferences; co-sponsorship (with SIGWEB) of the CIKM and JCDL conferences; and co-sponsorship of the WSDM conference (with SIGKDD, SIGMOD, and SIGWEB)
  • Friends of SIGIR program provides support for small and regional events related to IR, including seasonal schools
  • Best Paper, Best Student Paper, Test of Time, and triennial Salton awards at the SIGIR conference
  • Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards at CHIIR and ICTIR
  • Vannevar Bush award at the JCDL conference (co-sponsored with SIGWEB)
  • Diveristy and Inclusion Luncheon at SIGIR conference
  • SIGIR-ANNOUNCE and SIG-IR List mailing lists
  • SIGIR Web site, including electronic version of SIGIR Forum, and archive of important historical reports and materials
  • Support for ACM-W scholarship recipients attending SIGIR cosponsored conferences, including mentorship and complimentary registration
  • Support for CRA-W annual event
  • Conference proceedings available for free on conference sigtes through the ACM OpenTOC
  • Regional SIGIR Chapters