SIGMICRO - Special Interest Group on Microarchitecture


The ACM Special Interest Group on Microarchitectural Research & Processing specializes in computer microarchitecture, especially features permitting instruction-level parallelism and their related implications on compiler design. Members include microarchitects, microprogrammers, advanced compiler designers, and researchers/developers of super-scalar, pipelined, and MIMD computer architecture. For more than 35 years, the annual MICRO conference has been a key forum for presenting major breakthroughs in computing architecture. SIGMICRO also sponsors other distinguished conferences, namely, CGO (Code Generation and Optimization), CASES (Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems), and CF (Computing Frontiers). SIGMICRO has recently initiated an online newsletter, that not only allows timely publication of high quality refereed articles, but also features virtual lectures (or e-Seminars) by the authors, that can be attended all over the world, with an opportunity to ask technical questions during the live presentation.

SIGMICRO benefits for FY 2023

Member Benefits provided to SIGMICRO Members:

  • Access to all SIGMICRO content in the ACM Digital Library
  • Registration discount to SIGMICRO-sponsored conferences  

Community Benefits provided by SIGMICRO:

  • SIGMICRO Distinguished Service Award
  • SIGMICRO online newsletter
  • Newsletter to include results of SIGMICRO History project with oral histories of pioneers in microarchitecture
  • Student travel grants to SIGMICRO sponsored conferences
  • Hardship grants to attend selected SIGMICRO-sponsored conferences