SIGSAC - Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control


The ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control's mission is to develop the information security profession by sponsoring high quality research conferences and workshops. SIGSAC conferences address all aspects of information and system security, encompassing security technologies, secure systems, security applications, and security policies. Security technologies include access control, assurance, authentication, cryptography, intrusion detection, penetration techniques, risk analysis, and secure protocols. Security systems include security in operating systems, database systems, networks and distributed systems, and middleware. Representative security applications areas are information systems, workflow systems, electronic commerce, electronic cash, copyright and intellectual property protection, telecommunications systems, and healthcare. Security polices encompass confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy, and survivability policies, including tradeoff and conflicts amongst these.

SIGSAC benefits for FY 2023:

Member Benefits provided to SIGSAC Members:

  • Reduced registration fees for SIGSAC conferences.
  • Access to all SIGSAC material in the ACM Digital Library
  • Student travel grants for SIGSAC conferences

Community Benefits provided by SIGSAC:

  • Sponsorship of CCS, SACMAT, ASIACCS, WISEC, and CODASPY conferences
  • Financial support to CCS, SACMAT, ASIA CCS, WISEC, and CODASPY conferences in the forms of paying for video recording or supplement student travel grants
  • Technical cooperation for conferences and workshop in the area of computer and information security and privacy
  • SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award
  • SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award
  • SIGSAC Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Computer and Information Security
  • OpenTOC access for ACM SIGSAC conference publications