SIGSAM - Special Interest Group on Symbolic & Algebraic Manipulation


The ACM Special Interest Group on Symbolic and Algebraic Manip provides members with a forum in which to exchange ideas aboutall aspects of symbolic mathematical computation. Its scope of interests encompasses the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms and systems for computer algebra and symbolic computation, and their applications to problems of science and broader society. This includes hybrid symbolic-numeric methods, the representation and manipulation of symbolic data, and the use of symbolic mathematical methods to further scientific goals. SIGSAM is the primary international society in its area and regularly sponsors the annual International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC). SIGSAM publishes the quarterly ACM Communications in Computer Algebra.

SIGSAM benefits for FY 2023

Member Benefits provided to SIGSAM Members:

  • Four issues of the quarterly publication "ACM Communications in Computer Algebra" (CCA), published electronically in the ACM DL, with two double issues printed and mailed to members. 
  • Steeply discounted registration to attend the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC)

Community Benefits provided by SIGSAM:

  • SIGSAM provides a central point for communication in the community.  It manages the primary mailing lists for the computer algebra/symbolic computation community (i.e. sigsam-members, sigsam-friends, and issac-announce mailing lists). Its website is a portal for information in the community - archive of computer algebra conference, upcoming events, news, awards, etc.
  • Regular sponsorship of the annual International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC) conference, the premier conference in computer algebra / symbolic computation.  Publication of ISSAC Proceedings in the ACM DL.  The SIGSAM Chair has a seat on the ISSAC Steering Committee. 
  • Regular sponsorship (or in-cooperation) of the International Workshop on Parallel Symbolic Computation (PASCO) and Symbolic-Numeric Computation (SNC).  Publication of PASCO and SNC proceedings in the ACM DL.
  • Support of the East Coast Computer Algebra Day (ECCAD) – sometimes financial, sometimes organizational.  ECCAD poster abstracts are published in the SIGSAM's CCA. The SIGSAM Chair has a seat on the ECCAD Steering Committee.
  • SIGSAM manages and hosts the websites for ISSAC, PASCO and ECCAD. This provides a permanent web presence of these conference and workshop series.
  • Funding of the ISSAC Distinguished Paper and ISSAC Distinguished Student Author Awards, presented annually at the ISSAC conference.
  • Funding and adjudication of the Richard Dimick Jenks Memorial Prize for Excellence in Software Engineering applied to Computer Algebra,  present.ed bi-annually at the ISSAC conference.
  • Funding and organizing ACM/SIGSAM student and early researcher mentoring sessions at ISSAC