Native American and Indigenous Heritage Month Past Campaigns

At ACM, our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is fundamental to our mission. Awareness months are a time dedicated to reflection, education, and engagement to embrace the diversity within the ACM community. This archival webpage documents past ACM social media campaigns for Native American and Indigenous Heritage Month (November 1-30). Our social media campaigns work to honor the accomplishments of Indigenous computing professionals and educate others about their impact on the computing world. 

ACM Celebrates Native American Heritage Month, November 2022

While the internet has permeated almost every aspect of daily life, Native American communities still face critical challenges such as limited telecommunications infrastructure and underrepresentation in computing research and industry. How are Native American netizens using social media? How can they take advantage of technology to reinvigorate their cultures? And what can we learn from indigenous perspectives? During Native American Heritage Month and beyond, we invite you to visit four research projects selected from our digital library that engage with and are inspired by the Native American experience.