View on Demand: HotTopics Webinar on Generative AI

April 25, 2023

ACM's US Technology Policy Committee hosted a HotTopics webinar session, "For 'Botter' or Worse: Chat GPT, the Universe, and Everything ." Join a panel of ACM experts as they discuss the seemingly sudden explosion of OpenAI's breakthrough "generative AI" software onto the world stage, and computing's centrality to myriad spheres of daily life. But what really is generative AI and what's to be done with, to, and about it as its use—for better, worse, and other—accelerates around the globe? View the webinar and find out.


  • Jeanna Matthews (Moderator) is a Professor of Computer Science at Clarkson University and a member of both the ACM Technology Policy Council and USTPC Committee.
  • Paul DeMarinis is a Professor of Art at Stanford University and a pioneer of computer use in performance art.
  • Ravi Jain is an Advisor at Google X, a USTPC member, and Co-Chair of USTPC Generative AI Working Group.
  • Alejandro Saucedo is Director of Engineering & Applied Science at Zalando SE, and a member of both the ACM Council and the Europe Technology Policy Committee.