Invitation to Join ACM's Europe Technology Policy Committee (ETPC)

Hello. I am Chris Hankin of Imperial College London and Chair of ACM's Europe Technology Policy Committee (ETPC). I'm writing today with an invitation to participate in ETPC's work on a matter just announced by the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) as well as on future projects.

First, the TTC just issued a public call for input on developing a taxonomy of critical terms related to artificial intelligence. Your input in this matter would be much appreciated given the unusually short 24 November deadline established by the TTC to respond.

Second, I'm pleased to announce that non-voting membership in ETPC is now open to all European members of ACM. To request membership in ETPC, simply email your name, ACM member number, and a brief professional biography (or a link to one) to the ACM Technology Policy Office at [email protected]. Professionals in academia, industry, and government are welcome, as are students.

The ETPC interacts with the European Commission and other governmental bodies in Europe, and with the informatics and computing communities, on a wide range of computing technology and policy issues. It does so primarily by contributing to such bodies' public calls for information and proactively generating policy statements and principles on such cutting-edge issues as generative AI, cybersecurity, and green computing. All of ETPC's recent policy products, a number developed jointly with our counter­parts in the US, are online here. The Committee's work is enhanced by the participation of ACM Europe Council members with expertise in informatics, computer science, and other computing-related subjects.

ACM's Policy Director, Adam Eisgrau, and I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and even more pleased to welcome you to ETPC! Please reach us at [email protected].

Thank you.