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April 28, 2022


















Pieter Abbeel Receives 2021 ACM Prize in Computing

ACM has named Pieter Abbeel the recipient of the 2021 ACM Prize in Computing for contributions to robot learning, including learning from demonstrations and deep reinforcement learning for robotic control. Abbeel’s groundbreaking research has helped shape contemporary robotics and continues to drive the future of the field. Abbeel pioneered teaching robots to learn from human demonstrations (“apprenticeship learning”) and through their own trial and error (“reinforcement learning”), which have formed the foundation for the next generation of robotics.

Abbeel is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist at Covariant, an AI robotics company.

The ACM Prize in Computing recognizes early-to-mid-career computer scientists whose research contributions have fundamental impact and broad implications. The award carries a prize of $250,000, from an endowment provided by Infosys Ltd.

Read the ACM news release.

Carla E. Brodley to Receive Inaugural ACM Frances E. Allen Award

ACM named Carla E. Brodley the recipient of the inaugural ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring. Brodley is recognized for significant personal mentorship and leadership in creating systemic programs that have increased diversity in computer science by creating mentoring opportunities for thousands at Northeastern University and other universities across the United States.

Carla E. Brodley is Dean of Inclusive Computing and former Dean of the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University.

The ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring is presented biennially to an individual who has exemplified excellence and/or innovation in mentoring with particular attention to recognition of individuals who have shown outstanding leadership in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing. The award is accompanied by a prize of $25,000 to the awardee, with an additional $10,000 cash contribution to an approved charity of the awardee’s choice. Financial support is provided by Microsoft Research.

Read the ACM news release.

Éva Tardos Named ACM Athena Lecturer

ACM has named Éva Tardos, a Professor at Cornell University, as the 2022-2023 ACM Athena Lecturer. Tardos is recognized for fundamental research contributions to combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, and algorithmic game theory, and for her dedicated mentoring and service to these communities. Initiated in 2006, the ACM Athena Lecturer Award celebrates women researchers who have made fundamental contributions to computer science.

Éva Tardos is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Science and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University. Earlier in her career at Cornell, she held posts including Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, and Diversity Lead for Computing and Information Sciences.

The ACM Athena Lecturer Award celebrates women researchers who have made fundamental contributions to computer science. It includes a $25,000 honorarium provided by Two Sigma. The Athena Lecturer is invited to present a lecture at an ACM event. Each year, the Athena Lecturer honors a preeminent woman computer scientist. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom; with her knowledge and sense of purpose, she epitomizes the strength, determination, and intelligence of the “Athena Lecturers.”

Read the ACM news release.

ACM Opens First 50 Years Backfile

ACM has opened the articles published during the first 50 years of its publishing program. These articles, published between 1951 and the end of 2000, are now open and freely available to view and download via the ACM Digital Library.

ACM’s first 50 years backfile contains more than 117,500 articles on a wide range of computing topics. In addition to articles published between 1951 and 2000, ACM has also opened related and supplemental materials including data sets, software, slides, audio recordings, and videos.

“We at ACM are especially proud to make this announcement now as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our organization,” said ACM President Gabriel Kotsis. “ACM has published many of the foundational works by pioneers of the computing field, and we are delighted to share this treasure trove with the world. And in doing so, we take another large step in our evolution to become a fully open access publisher.”

Making the first 50 years of its publications and related content freely available expresses ACM’s commitment to open access publication and represents another milestone in our transition to full open access within the next five years.

Read the news release.

2022 ACM Election

On 18 April, all ACM Professional Members (in good standing as of 15 March 2022) were sent voting information via an email message from Election Services Corporation (ESC), a third party that is conducting the election. If you have not received an email and have an email address on file with ACM, please contact: [email protected]. You are encouraged to participate in this election.

The 2022 Candidates for ACM President, Yannis Ioannidis and Joseph A. Konstan, are working together to solicit and answer questions from the computing community! Pose your questions and view responses at:

2022 SIG Election Candidate Slate

In accordance with ACM Bylaw 6, the following SIGs will hold elections in April 2022: SIGCSE, SIGHPC, SIGIR, and SIGLOG.

ACM's Policy and Procedure on SIG Elections requires that those SIGs holding elections notify their membership of candidates for elected offices. To see the slate of candidates, please visit the 2022 ACM SIG Elections site.

2022 ACM SIGGRAPH Election Candidate Slate

The ACM SIGGRAPH Nominating Committee has proposed the following candidates for the 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH election which will commence on 15 June 2022:

Mona Kasra, University of Virgina
Kevin McNulty, Middle Tennessee State University

Viktor Zordan, Clemson University
Shimin Hu, Tsinghua University

Eakta Jain, University of Florida
Victoria Rege, DataRobot

The Nominating Committee
Thierry Frey, Chair
Kalina Borkiewicz
Arik Shamir
Manolis Savva
Marc Barr
Scott Owen


ACM Award Nomination Submission Procedures

Each year, ACM recognizes technical and professional achievements within the computing and information technology community through its celebrated Awards Program. ACM welcomes nominations for candidates whose work exemplifies the best and most influential contributions to our community, and society at large. ACM's award committees evaluate the contributions of candidates for various awards that span a spectrum of professional and technological accomplishments.

Please take a moment to consider those individuals in your community who may be suitable for nomination. Refer to the award nominations page for nomination guidelines and the complete listing of Award Subcommittee Chairs and Members.

The deadline for nominations for the main awards has passed. Other deadlines: ACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship, May 1 and ACM-IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award, June 1.


Call for ACM Senior Member Nominations

The Senior Member advanced grade of membership recognizes ACM members with at least 10 years of professional experience and at least 5 years of Professional Membership in the last 10 years, who have demonstrated performance through technical leadership, and technical or professional contributions. Nominations are accepted on a quarterly basis. The deadline for nominations is June 3.


ACM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) regularly cite outstanding individuals for their contributions in 38 distinct technological fields. Some awards presented (or to be presented) at conferences:

SIGCHI 2022 Awards Announced

SIGCHI has announced the recipients of its 2022 Awards, including the SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award, the SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award, the SIGCHI Social Impact Award, the SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award, and SIGCHI Academy. The 2022 SIGCHI Awards will be presented at the CHI 2022 conference later this month.

Best Paper Awards Given at Recent ACM SIG Conferences

You can find them all here.


CPS-IoT Week 2022, May 3 - 6

The CPS-IoT Week is the premier event on cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things research. It brings together five top conferences multiple workshops, tutorials, competitions and various exhibitions from both industry and academia. The program covers many complementary aspects of CPS and reunites leading researchers in this dynamic field. Karl H. Johansson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Luca Benini (ETHZ, Universita di Bologna), and Rich West (Drako Motors) will deliver keynotes. Originally planned to be held in-person in Milan, Italy, CPS-IoT will run as a virtual event this year.

L@S 2020, June 1 - 3

Learning @ Scale investigates large-scale, technology-mediated learning environments that typically have many active learners and few experts on hand to guide their progress or respond to individual needs. Workshops will address Educational Nonlinear Stories with Twine, Learnersourcing: Student-generated Content @ Scale, and the Third Annual Workshop on A/B Testing, Platform-Enabled Learning Research, and more. President Martha Pollack will keynote. This will be a hybrid event, and will be held at Cornell Tech, Roosevelt Island campus adjacent to New York City.

SIGMIS CPR 2022, June 2 - 4

The ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research Conference promotes best-practice and research in the management of information systems and technologies in management commerce. As one of the oldest of ACM’s SIG’s, SIGMIS traces its beginnings back to 1961, and for forty years has been instrumental in defining and developing the field of management and information systems. This year's program includes discussions on IT workers returning to their former employers, e influence of workplace social support on IT professionals’ turnover, diversity in management, and more. This year's event will be fully virtual. The conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

GLSVLSI 2022, June 6 - 8

The 32nd edition of GLSVLSI will be held as an in-person conference. Original, unpublished papers describing research in the general areas of VLSI and hardware design are solicited. In addition to the traditional topic areas of GLSVLSI, papers are solicited for a special theme of “Machine learning in CAD, EDA, and VLSI Design and Security." Keynote speakers will be Andrew B. Kahn - "AI/ML, Optimization and EDA in the TILOS AI Research Institute," Kaushik Roy - "In-Memory Computing-Based Machine Learning Accelerators: Opportunities and Challenges," and Sanu Mathew - "Attack-Resistant Circuit Technologies for sub-5nm Secure Computing Platforms." The conference will he held Irvine, CA, USA.

SIGMETRICS June 6-10, 2022

The ACM SIGMETRICS International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems is the flagship conference of the ACM Special Interest Group for the computer systems performance evaluation community. Workshops will cover economics of networks, network security, and mathematical performance modeling and analysis. Speakers include Minghua Chen (City University of Hong Kong), Steven Low (University of Melbourne), Shigang Chen (University of Florida), and more. This year’s installment is co-located with the IFIP Performance 2022 conference, and will be held in Mumbai, India. This will be a hybrid event.


No Better Time to Join USTPC!

Interested in Algorithmic Transparency, Blockchain, Health Tech, and/or Risk Management? Have a thought on another policy matter ripe for engagement?

ACM’s US Technology Policy Committee is now actively working on new policy materials on all those fronts and would love your input for new angles to pursue. We’d also love your help. Joining the committee is fast and easy. Simply click here.

Connect with ACM's Tech Policy Groups!

To learn more about upcoming programs and the work of ACM's Technology Policy groups, follow @ACMpolicy@USTPC, and @EuropeTPC on Twitter. If you're interested in contributing to the work of ACM's Europe or US Technology Policy Committees, please email [email protected].


Become an Ambassador for ACM—You Could Be a Grand Prize Winner!

The Ambassadors for ACM program rewards ACM members like you for encouraging new members to join. Your first-hand experience with ACM's valuable career development and continuous learning programs makes you a perfect envoy to share your ACM experiences with prospective members. The Ambassadors for ACM program offers opportunities for you to earn new prizes, rewards, and bonus gifts with each referral. Submit the ACM Referral Form, and your referrals can join ACM at a special discount rate. Our members are our greatest asset. Your support of ACM is critical to our continuing efforts to advance computing as a science and a profession. Please consider becoming an Ambassador for ACM.

ACM is pleased to announce the following top recruiters in the Ambassadors for ACM member recruitment program for the third quarter of the 2021-2022 program year:

January: Munish Sabharwal
February: Divya B
March: Pratik Gade

Credible Student Loan Marketplace

Did you know that you could potentially save thousands by refinancing your student loans? Now, ACM has partnered with Credible to help you find out if you are overpaying on your loan. As a multi-lender marketplace that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from its vetted lenders, Credible empowers consumers to take control of their student loans. Borrowers can fill out one form, then receive and compare personalized offers from numerous lenders and choose the best offer. Reduce your rate, lower your payments, repay faster. You choose. To learn more visit .

ACM Academic Membership Option

The ACM Academic Department Membership option allows universities and colleges to provide ACM Professional Membership to their faculty at a greatly reduced collective cost. ACM offers a membership for academic department faculty at the cost of $49 per person, more than half off the standard ACM professional membership fee of $99 per year. Through this program, each faculty member will receive all the benefits of individual professional ACM membership, including Communications of the ACM, member rates to ACM Special Interest Group conferences, member subscription rates to ACM journals, and much more. To learn more, visit the ACM Academic Department Membership page or contact Cindy Ryan.


ACM ByteCast Interviews Wendy Chapman

ACM ByteCast is ACM's series of podcast interviews with researchers, practitioners, and innovators who are at the intersection of computing research and practice. The latest episode is the first of a special collaboration between ACM ByteCast and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)’s For Your Informatics podcast. Hosts Karmen Williams and Sabrina Hsueh welcome Wendy Chapman, Associate Dean of Digital Health and Informatics at the University of Melbourne and Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health. Her research focuses on developing computer algorithms to understand information typed into electronic medical records and natural language processing of clinical texts. She is an elected fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics and the US National Academy of Medicine.

Listen to ACM ByteCast interviews here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Watch ACM TechTalks with U.S. Memory Champion Chester Santos and Adam Barr of Crosslake Technologies

If you haven't done so yet, watch the on demand ACM TechTalk, "Instant Memory Training for Tech Success - The ABCs and 123s for Developing a Powerful Memory," which was originally presented on Thursday, April 14 by Chester Santos, International Man of Memory. You can unlock your mind's hidden power to easily remember names, facts/figures, presentations, processes/procedures, famous quotes, foreign languages, commands/directories, exam/training material, and much more.

Register now for the upcoming ACM TechTalk, "Lessons from the Fifty-Year Quest to Turn Programmers into Software Engineers," to be presented on May 11 by Adam Barr of Crosslake Technologies. This talk will discuss the history of the industry/academia split, the attempts to solve the problem, and how modern software techniques, while still lacking what Fred Brooks termed a "silver bullet," are finally making progress. Leave your questions on ACM's Discourse Page.

Visit the TechTalks Archive for our full archive of past TechTalks.


ACM Career & Job Center Connects You with Career Opportunities

Connecting with the right employers in computing can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the world's leading companies, colleges and universities come to the ACM Career & Job Center to find the best candidates. By creating an account on the ACM Career and Job Center, you'll gain access to a wide range of tools to help you find the perfect job:

  • Finding a Job - Use the job search tools to find a job that matches your search criteria.
  • Create and Manage Email Alerts - Stay on top of the latest job openings. Receive an email when new jobs match your search criteria.
  • Create/Post Resumes - Get noticed by employers. Create or upload a resume with our easy-to-use tools so employer can get in touch with you.
  • View Saved Jobs - Save jobs that interest you, add notes, share with friends, and track your applies to keep on top of your job search.

For any assistance with the ACM Career and Job Center, please contact ACM's Advertising Sales Manager, Ilia Rodriguez.


Watch a Webinar on Language and DEI

Watch the webinar “Language Matters: DEI and the Question of URM,” featuring Nicki Washington of Duke University and Tiffani L. Williams of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in discussion on the importance of language to promote inclusive environments for work and study. The webinar was organized by the ACM Education Board’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Computing Education Task Force and ACM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and was moderated by DEI-CE co-chair Fay Cobb Payton.


Upcoming ACM Student Research Competitions: Submission Deadlines

ACM Student Research Competitions (SRCs) offer a unique forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present their original research at well-known ACM-sponsored and co-sponsored conferences before a panel of judges and attendees. The most recent SRC winners presented at MOBICOM 2021. The next conferences accepting submissions are:

  • ICSE 2023, May 14 - 20, deadline December 30
  • SC 2022, November 13 -18, deadline August 5
  • ASE 2022, September 26 - October 1, deadline July 22
  • SIGGRAPH 2022, August 7 -11, deadline April 26

Learn more about competitions on the SRC submissions page and SRC guidelines for students.

ACM Scholarships for Women Computing Students to Attend Research Conferences

The ACM Community of Support for Women in Computing (ACM-W) provides support for women undergraduate or graduate students in computer science and related programs who wish to attend research conferences. This exposure to the computer science research world can encourage a student to continue on to the next level (Undergraduate to Graduate, Masters to Ph.D., Ph.D. to an industry or academic position). For application form, notification dates and more information, please visit the scholarships page.

Graduating Students Eligible for Special Transition Rate

ACM offers a special ACM Professional Membership for $49 USD (regularly $99) to help graduating students make the transition to professional careers, and take advantage of continuous learning opportunities, including free online books and courses and access to ACM's Career & Job Center. This one-year-only transition rate includes all the benefits of Professional Membership plus the option of purchasing a Digital Library subscription for $50. Recent graduates can access this special transition offer through ACM's convenient online renewal form, or by following the instructions on the paper renewal form. For more information, visit the Reasons to Transition to Professional Membership page.


About the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program

Book the speaker for your next event through the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP) and deliver compelling and insightful content to your audience. ACM will cover the cost of transportation for the speaker to travel to your event. Our program features renowned thought leaders in academia, industry and government speaking about the most important topics in the computing and IT world today. Our booking process is simple and convenient.
See ACM Distinguished Speakers in action on our Flickr page.

Sunil Kumar Vuppala is a demonstrated thought leader in AI, analytics, and Internet of Things with over 16 years of industrial and research experience. He is the Director of Data Science, Ericsson Global AI Accelerator, Bangalore. He is a Senior member of ACM from 2015. He is also a senior member of IEEE and Fellow of IETE. Sunil has taught AI and analytics, delivered hundreds of lectures, and inspired thousands of working professionals and students across India, Europe, and the USA with his tech talks and keynotes on such subjects as “Automation and AI Transformational Journey,” “Computer Vision Overview and Applications,” “Deep Learning Essentials and Applications,” and many more.

For more information about Sunil, please visit his DSP speaker information page.

ACM, IEEE Computer Society Share Distinguished Speakers Programs

IEEE-CS and ACM are sharing their invited speaker programs to further the dissemination of technical knowledge of computing fields that greatly benefit both memberships. IEEE-CS chapter volunteers can host a speaker from ACM's Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP), with access to top technology leaders and innovators from nearly every sector of the computing industry, by following the instructions on the DSP site. Make sure you identify yourself as an IEEE Computer Society Chapter.

IEEE-CS provides a popular offering of first-quality speakers serving its professional and student chapters. The Distinguished Visitors Program (DVP) owes its success to the many volunteers and staff members of the Computer Society who generously contribute their time and talent. Organizers of an ACM chapter, conference, or event can host a speaker from IEEE-CS's DVP by following the instructions on the DVP site. Make sure you identify yourself as an ACM chapter or event.


Welcome New ACM Chapters

Chapters are the "local neighborhoods" of ACM. The regional ACM Professional, Student, ACM-W, and Special Interest Group (SIG) chapters around the globe involve members locally in competitions, seminars, lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities. ACM welcomes new chapters that were chartered March 23 through April 17, 2022:

ACM Student Chapters:

  • BBDITM ACM-W Student Chapter, Lucknow, India
  • Concordia University Irvine ACM Student Chapter, Irvine, CA, USA
  • Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College ACM Student Chapter, Ludhiana, India
  • Medi-Caps University ACM-W Student Chapter, Indore, India
  • PDEU ACM Student Chapter, Gandhinagar, India
  • SXCCE ACM-W Student Chapter, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Na, India
  • Sathyabama Institute ACM-W Student Chapter, Chennai, India

ACM Professional Chapters:

  • Potomac ACM Chapter, Washington DC, USA
  • Sarajevo ACM-W Chapter, Sarajevo, Bosnia


Ruth Lennon Selected as the Next ACM-W Chair

Ruth Lennon, current chair of ACM-W Europe, has been appointed the next Global Chair of ACM-W. Ruth is the director of Craobh Technology Consulting, an organization that provides personalized solutions to industry problems. Ruth is also a lecturer with 20 years of experience in the Department of Computing at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland. Ruth has been a member of ACM for over 20 years. She has worked on projects to support and encourage women in computing and engineering career pathways for as long as she has been in ACM. Highlighting the vital role that women can play in any technical team is core to her voluntary work.

When asked about her vision for ACM-W Ruth states, “I look forward to working with the team to define a strategic approach to build stronger international links in our global community of skilled, collaborative and enthusiastic researchers and practitioners. Over the next two years we will explore new ways to provide greater value to our members locally, regionally, and globally.”

Read more about Ruth and her Global Chair appointment.

ACM-W's Webinar Series Celebrates Women in Computing

By highlighting successful technical women who are leading diverse careers in the technology industry, ACM-W’s webinar series, “Celebrating Technology Leaders,” aims to inform students and early-career professionals about the multitude of career options open to them. Episodes have featured machine learning careers, tech returnships, tech entrepreneurship, UI/UX, data science, robotics, and cybersecurity. To watch the recorded webinars, visit the YouTube playlist.

Join ACM-W's Membership Email List

Did you know that ACM-W offers a general email distribution list for its members? This ACM-W public list is a communication channel for disseminating general information about ACM-W, bulletins and upcoming events. To join the list, visit: Also read the ACM-W Connections newsletter for updates on ACM-W programs: local celebrations, scholarships and awards, chapters, and more.


Please Share Your Insights for CACM’s New Website

Communications of the ACM is building a brand-new website, and to do so effectively we need to hear from our computing community. In the coming days we will be conducting research with select readers worldwide through a partnership with Corona Insights. If contacted by Corona, with a link to a questionnaire, we do hope you will take a few minutes to take the survey. Feedback from our readers is invaluable to this project as it will help inform the direction the website design will take. For more information, click here.

TELO Welcomes New Co-EIC

ACM welcomes Manuel López-Ibáñez as Co-Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization (TELO). Manuel López-Ibáñez joins founding co-Editor-in-Chief Juergen Branke as co-EIC of ACM TELO for the term starting April 1, 2022 and ending April 30, 2023. López-Ibáñez is Beatriz Galindo Senior Distinguished Researcher at the University of Málaga, and Branke is a professor at the University of Warwick.

Read the article.

ACM Queue Presents: "Distributed Latency Profiling through Critical Path Tracing"

Brian Eaton and his colleagues at Google describe how CPT can provide actionable and precise latency analysis. For complex distributed systems that include services that constantly evolve in functionality and data, keeping overall latency to a minimum is a challenging task. In large, real-world distributed systems, existing tools such as RPC telemetry, CPU profiling, and distributed tracing are valuable to our understanding the subcomponents of the overall system, but are insufficient to perform end-to-end latency analyses in practice. Scalable and accurate fine-grain tracing has made Critical Path Tracing the standard approach for distributed latency analysis for many Google applications, including Google Search.

Read the article.

New Title from ACM Books: Circuits, Packets, and Protocols

Circuits, Packets, and Protocols: Entrepreneurs and Computer Communications, 1968-1988 tells the story of the entrepreneurs who were able to harness and join two factors: the energy of computer science researchers supported by governments and universities, and the tremendous commercial demand for Internetworking computers. Included are unpublished interviews from the 1980s with over 80 computing industry pioneers giving us unique insights into the creation of multi-billion dollar markets for computer-communications equipment, and the struggles they faced to do so.

ACM Signs New Open Access Publishing Agreement with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

ACM is pleased to announce it has recently signed a new three-year “read and publish” ACM Open license with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Along with unlimited access to ACM published content in the ACM Digital Library, the new agreements will allow all Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft corresponding authors to publish an unlimited number of ACM research articles in Open Access along with other benefits.

ACM Open is ACM's transformative open access publishing model for transitioning ACM to become a sustainable open access publisher with the goal of making research publications in the ACM Digital Library fully open access upon publication.


Thank Your Teacher on National Teacher Day, May 3

We’re celebrating National Teacher Day on May 3 by highlighting activities of CSTA, CSforAll,, and more on ACM’s social media channels. Give a shoutout to the educators who fueled your interest in Computer Science with the hashtag, #NationalTeacherDay.

Let’s Raise Global Accessibility Awareness, May 19

During Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 19, we’ll share latest research and upcoming activities of the ACM Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing (SIGACCESS), the ASSETS 2022 conference, and ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS). Let us hear from you on how to provide people with disabilities more accessible and inclusive design and technology using the hashtags #GAAD and #GAAD2022.

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