ACM Chapter Member News

September 19, 2012

Welcome to the September 2012 edition of ACM Chapter Member News

Chapters are the "local neighborhoods" of ACM. Our Professional and Student chapters worldwide serve as nodes of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large, offering seminars, lectures, and the opportunity to meet peers and experts in many fields of interest. With over 750 active chapters worldwide, we would like to take the time now to connect with all of you, and bring you a few of the ACM Highlights.


Welcome back! What you've missed...
  • For many of our chapters, the summer months are a much needed rest from an active ACM year. However just because the sun was shining outside, doesn't mean we slowed down! We are proud to announce that over the summer, ACM gained over 30 new ACM Chapters worldwide!
  • ACM and SIGGRAPH members across the globe came together in Los Angeles, CA this summer for the 39th Annual SIGGRAPH Conference. With over 21,000 attendees, representing 83 countries, it was certainly a great success! The planning for SIGGRAPH 2013 is well underway- hope to see you next year in Anaheim!
  • ACM and the Tech world honored and remembered the 'Father of Computer Science' Alan Turing this summer, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The importance of his role in shaping the modern computer science world can not be overstated or appreciated enough.

Did you know?

Chapter Annual Reports are past due. If you have not yet submitted your report, you must do so as soon as possible! Failure to submit the report in a timely fashion can result in the decharter of your chapter.

The report is for the fiscal year July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012. To access your chapter's administrative interface, enter your username and password here:

If you have forgotten your username or password, please follow the link below:

In addition, you may notice the Annual Report looks a bit different from years past. ACM has been working hard to serve our chapters in the best way possible and this new release provides a user friendly interface which allows full editing of your information until submission. SIGGRAPH Chapters will find additional questions at the end of their report that must be completed as well.

Any questions, please contact [email protected].

What we are excited about!

ACM is excited to offer a Chapter related webinar. This is our opportunity to provide you with the chance to learn about ACM, and all that is available to you and your chapter. With the transitioning of officers, often information gets lost or forgotten. We invite all officers, old and new, to participate in this online guided tutorial as we walk through the ACM website, the chapter database/interface and more! This tutorial will be given in real time, and you will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Please contact [email protected] for dates and availability, or any further questions. The session will run for no longer then one hour. See you there!

Chapter Spotlight

ACM would like to recognize 3 of its oldest and most influential chapters. The following chapters were the first of their kind, starting in the 1950's and outlasting many of their peers. Today, these chapters are still alive and running.

  • Los Angeles ACM Chapter
  • Syracuse ACM Chapter
  • Washington DC ACM Chapter

Over 50 years old, and still going strong! It is laregly due to the eager members and officers who volunteer countless hours of their time and resources. Thank you to these members, and to the ever growing, ever changing computer science community as whole. Here is to another 50 years!

Welcome to Our Newest Chapters

  • Bears University of Central Arkansas ACM Student Chapter- Conway, AR,USA (Student)
  • CITY College ACM-W Student Chapter- Thessaloniki,Greece (Student)
  • ESCOM-IPN ACM Student Chapter- Col Lindavista, Mexico D.F., Mexico (Student)
  • Governors State University ACM Student Chapter- University Park, IL, USA (Student)
  • IT-KKWIEER ACM Student Chapter- Nashik, India (Student)
  • King Abdullah University ACM Student Chapter- Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (Student)
  • Nanjing ACM Chapter- Nanjing, China (Professional)
  • Nazarbayev University ACM Student Chapter- Astana, Kazakhstan(Student)
  • NSIT ACM Student Chapter- New Delhi, India (Student)
  • PCCOE ACM Student Chapter- Pune, India (Student)
  • Perm ACM Student Chapter- Perm, Russian Federation (Student)
  • Qatar University ACM Student Chapter- Doha, Qatar (Student)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design ACM Student Chapter- Singapore, Singapore (Student)
  • SSN ACM Student Chapter- Chennai, India (Student)
  • UGA ACM Student Chapter- Athens, GA, USA (Student)
  • USP ACM Student Chapter- Suva, Fiji (Student)
  • UTEP ACM-W Student Chapter- El Paso, TX, USA (Student)
  • Vardhaman College of Engineering ACM Student Chapter- Hyderabad, India (Student)
  • VCET ACM Student Chapter- Madurai, India (Student)


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Lifelong Learning

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