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September 25, 2013

Welcome to the September 2013 edition of ACM Chapter Member News

Chapters are the "local neighborhoods" of ACM. Our Professional and Student chapters worldwide serve as nodes of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large, offering seminars, lectures, and the opportunity to meet peers and experts in many fields of interest. With over 750 active chapters worldwide, we would like to take the time now to connect with all of you, and bring you a few of the ACM Highlights.


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Welcome to Our Newest Chapters

  • ACM Chong-Qjing Chapter - Chongqing, China (Professional)
  • ACM Cochin Chapter - Cochin, India (Professional)
  • ACM Lanzhou Chapter - Lanzhou, China (Professional)
  • ACM-W at Union College - Schenectady, NY (Student)
  • BIT Patna - Patna, India (Student)
  • BITS-Pilani Goa ACM Student Chapter - Goa, India (Student)
  • Buenos Aires ACM Chapter - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Professional)
  • COEP ACM Student Chapter - Pune, India (Student)
  • GHRIETW ACM-W Chapter - Nagpur, India (Student)
  • GVAIET ACM Chapter - Shelu, India (Student)
  • IIITM-K ACM Chapter - Trivandrum, India (Student)
  • Minas Gerais ACM Chapter - Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Professional)
  • Munich ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter - Munich, Germany (Professional)
  • NITS ACM Student Chapter - Silchar, India (Student)
  • Santiago ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter - Santiago, Chile (Professional)
  • SMCC ACM Student Chapter - South Portland, ME (Student)
  • SNGCE ACM Student Chapter - Ernakulam, India (Student)
  • Trine University ACM Student Chapter - Angola, IN (Student)
  • Truman State University - Kirksville, MO (Student)
  • Turabo ACM Student Chapter - Gurabo, PR (Student)
  • UNC CIS Technology ACM Chapter - Greeley, CO (Student)
  • University of Moratuwa ACM Student Chapter - Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (Student)
  • University of Phoenix ACM Student Chapter - Tempe, AZ (Student)
  • UPV ACM Chapter - Valencia, Spain (Student)
  • UTD ACM Student Chapter - Richardson, TX (Student)

ACM Chapter in the Spotlight - Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Another successful year for the Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Event

During three days 1,900 animation students and professionals in Colombia were able to attend Workshops, Talks and Portfolio Critiques with artists from studios like Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM, Illumination and Catmandu.

It is the fourth year that the event has been held in Bogota, becoming the gathering point of the local animation industry. The event was organized with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Technology through an initiative called Colombia 3.0 created to gather all the major digital content events in the country.

Standing out was the behind the scenes talk of "Foosball," an animated Feature Film from Academy-Award winner director Juan Jose Campanella, scheduled to be released next year in more than 70 countries, making it the largest animated project to come out of Latin America.

Amongst other speakers were Academy-Award winner and Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks, Avner Geller, Story artist at Pixar, Octavio Rodriguez and Digital Compositor at ILM, Sebastian Feldman.

The Event in Numbers

  • Total Attendees: 1,900
  • Main Auditorium Capacity: 1,200
  • Workshops Attendance: 793
  • International Speakers: 14
  • Local Speakers: 8
  • Duration of the event: 3 days
  • Cost of Admission: Free

Learn what ACM has to offer Are you a new chapter or a newly elected officer? ACM is excited to offer a Chapter related webinar. This is our opportunity to provide you with the chance to learn about ACM, and all that is available to you and your chapter. With the transitioning of officers, often information gets lost or forgotten. We invite all officers, old and new, to participate in this online guided tutorial as we walk through the ACM website, the chapter database/interface and more! This tutorial will be given in real time, and you will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Please contact [email protected] for dates and availability, or any further questions. The session will run for no longer then one hour. See you there!

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Written by leading domain experts for software engineers, ACM Case Studies provide an in-depth look at how software teams overcome specific challenges by implementing new technologies, adopting new practices, or a combination of both. Often through first-hand accounts, these pieces explore what the challenges were, the tools and techniques that were used to combat them, and the solution that was achieved.

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