Global Diversity Awareness Month Past Campaigns

At ACM, our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is fundamental to our mission. Awareness months are a time dedicated to reflection, education, and engagement to embrace the diversity within the ACM community. This archival webpage documents past ACM social media campaigns for Global Diversity Awareness Month (October 1-31). Our social media campaigns acknowledge the importance of diversity and how it could contribute to technological breakthroughs that could benefit all of society. 

Global Diversity Awareness Panel 2024

Recent advancements in AI have introduced many to its immense potential and functionality. However, how are AI technologies impacting different communities around the world? View the panel, "A Global Perspective on Contemporary AI," featuring Alain Tchana from the LIG laboratory, Kalika Bali from Microsoft Research India, Nadia Rodríguez Rodríguez from the University of Lima, and Aboubakar Mountapmbeme from the University of North Texas. Their discussion explores the crucial need to involve the global community in AI development and the inclusion of underrepresented cultures in its coding to make AI accessible to all.

ACM Celebrates Global Diversity Awareness Month 2023

Throughout October 2023, ACM celebrated Global Diversity Awareness Month by highlighting the scientific accomplishment of ACM members who are advancing computing through unique aproaches. Revisit the compelling and inspirational interviews featured in this years' People of ACM series.

#IAmACM - Global Diversity Awareness Month 2022

For Global Diversity Awareness Month in 2022, ACM launched an #IAmACM campaign highlighting the unique scientific accomplishments of ACM experts featured in this year's People of ACM series.