ACM Celebrates Global Diversity Awareness Month 2023

The Global Diversity Awareness Month 2023 is here! ACM has always been keenly aware of the value of having a vibrant global community. We invite you to revisit some of our convos w/ #PeopleofACM worldwide.

image of Shaimaa Lazem; quote: "Decolonial thinking recognizes that the traces of colonial structures have remained after the era of colonization ended. These traces manifest themselves in giving knowledge- often originated in the 'modern' West- precedence over other kinds of knowledge."


image of Hang Li; quote: "Another challenge for deep learning is that it needs to be more explainable, more robust and reliable, and fairer in how it makes decisions."


image of Marlene Mhangami; quote: "Open-source standards allow information to be shared widely and in a reliable way."


image of Dong Yu; quote: "The whole field of speech processing has converged on the deep learning approach, thanks to the availability of large training data, high-performing computation, and advanced modeling and training techniques."


image of Jun Kato; quote: "The more AI tools can understand content, I predict that people will become accustomed to a more semantic authoring process."


image of Gonzalo Navarro; quote: "Work with other people! For me at least, the difference between finding and developing ideas alone versus doing it while chatting and meeting with colleagues, is enormous."


image of Sekou Remy; quote: "I've noticed that universities are continuing to evolve and embrace more aspects of the 'Hub Culture.' Many of these new hubs are domain specific and influenced by artificial intelligence."


image of Hemangee Kapoor; quote: "In the long term, we see a trend towards edge computing leading to skyrocketing generation of data. Data creation is also fueled by 5G networks, social media, image processing and real time voice processing."


image of Yuta Suigura; quote: "For interaction technologies, there is a move toward wireless gesture recognition and other applications, such as millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic signals."


image of Volker Markl, quote: "The ever-increasing activities in digitization around the globe are creating digital twins of almost every natural phenomenon in the sciences, industry, and our personal lives."'


image of Sebastian Deterding; quote: "Tapping game design's rich experience in creating useful, usable, and desirable AI agents is one interesting intersection of AI and gamification."


Awareness Months Archive

Embracing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enrich the ACM community and strengthen ACM's ability to support the global computing community. Awareness months are a time dedicated to reflection, education, and engagement to understand and embrace the diverse membership within the ACM community. Our archive display the past and current celebrations ACM have created to foster an inclusive and equitable environment for all within the computing community.

How Diverse Is Your Team?

ACM's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is an essential resource for SIGs, conferences, boards, and councils looking for best practices to improve diversity in their organization and develop programs with a broader reach in the computing community. Our guide provides examples of both inherent and acquired characteristics, which should be taken into consideration when looking at ways to improve the diversity of your team.

Words Matter

As part of ACM’s efforts to combat exclusion in the computing profession, ACM's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council has launched an effort to replace offensive or exclusionary terminology in the computing field. They have developed a list of computing terms to be avoided in professional writing and presentations and offer alternative language. The Council plans to expand this list in the future and invites the community to submit suggestions for consideration.