2023 ACM SIGGRAPH Election

A third party, "Election Services Corporation (ESC)", is conducting the election.

ACM SIGGRAPH is holding an election from 15 June 2023 to 11 August 2023 (16:00 UTC)

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Information required to access the voting site:
Please use your ACM web account credentials to log into the voting site.  Please note that the ACM web account must be associated with your active ACM/SIG member record. If you need to set up an ACM web account or require assistance accessing an existing account, please go to https://accounts.acm.org/signin.cfm.

Members will also have the option of requesting a paper ballot by contacting ESC (e-mail: acmsighelp@electionservicescorp.com or telephone: +1.866.720.4357).

PDF of Candidate Statements and Biographies

Mathieu Desbrun, Inria Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique
Alla Sheffer, University of British Columbia

Elizabeth Baron, Immersionary Enterprise
Marc Petit, Epic Games

Courtney Starrett, Texas A&M University
Victoria Szabo, Duke University