ACM Fellows 2020 Media Coverage

India West: Innovative Indian American Scientists, Engineers Named Among ACM Fellows

Markets Insider: Sony AI's Dr. Peter Stone Named Fellow by the Association for Computing Machinery

HPCWire: MIT Faculty Named ACM Fellows

Carnegie Mellon University: Blum, Forlizzi Named ACM Fellows

Comps Magazine: 2020 ACM Fellows Recognized for Work that Underpins Contemporary Computing

EECS Berkeley: Sanjit Seshia and John Canny Named ACM Fellows

EECS MIT: Three MIT Faculty Elected 2020 ACM Fellows

EET-China: 12 Chinese Researchers Among 2020 ACM Fellows

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence: Prof. Volker Markl Named ACM Fellow

Globe NewsWire: 2020 ACM Fellows Recognized for Work that Underpins Contemporary Computing

Harvard Alumni News: Salzberg Named ACM Fellow for Contributions to Computational Biology

Indiana University: Menczer Named ACM Fellow

McGill Reporter: Prakash Panangaden Honoured by ACM

Microsoft: Three Microsoft Researchers Named ACM Fellows

Polytechnic Institute of Paris: Mathieu Desbrun ACM Fellow

Princeton University: Troyanskaya Named ACM Fellow

EurekAlert! ACM Announces 2020 Fellows

Sina (Chinese News): 12 Chinese From All Over the World Selected as ACM Fellow: Including Wang Yi from Northeastern University

Stanford Engineering: Martin Hellman Selected as ACM Fellow

UC Santa Cruz: Cormac Flanagan Named ACM Fellow

UCLA News: UCLA Data Scientist Elected ACM Fellow

University of Manchester: Higham Selected as ACM Fellow

University of Maryland: Abadi and Dorr Named ACM Fellows

UMass Amherst: Allan, Levine Named ACM Fellows

University of Michigan: Resnick Selected as ACM Fellow

UNSW: University of New South Wales Professor Toby Walsh Named ACM Fellow

UT Austin: UT Austin Professors Named ACM Fellows

University of Waterloo: Ihab Ilyas Named ACM Fellow

University of Waterloo/Cheriton School: Ilyas Named ACM Fellow

Sina (Chinese News): Heng Tao Shen from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Was Elected ACM Fellow

CareerEngine: 13 Chinese Researchers, inlcuding Wei Wang Selected as ACM Fellows

BaiDu (Chinese outlet): South China University of Technology Alumus Tao Yufei Selected as ACM Fellow

Sina (Chinese News) Tao Yufei Selected as ACM Fellow

ChainDD (Chinese Publication): Whitfield Diffie of Findora Advanced Research Center Named ACM Fellow