ACM in the News 2023

"Don’t Let Facial Recognition Technology Get Ahead of Principles”
The Washington Post, March 12, 2023
Technology advances at a lightning pace; law and policy move more deliberately. But this doesn't mean they can't get in pace.

"Do We Need a National Algorithms Safety Board?”
The Hill, February 28, 2023
ACM's TechBrief on Safer Algorithmic Systems calls for human-centered social systems to provide independent oversight and safety culture strategies.

"Gordon Bell Discusses New Prize for Climate Modeling”
HPCWire, February 8, 2023
Gordon Bell talks about the new ACM award and his decision to initiate it.

"As AI Booms, Reducing Risks of Algorithmic Systems is a Must, Says New ACM Brief”
VentureBeat, January 25, 2023
AI might be booming, but a new brief from ACM's global Technology Policy Council notes that the ubiquity of algorithmic systems “creates serious risks that are not being adequately addressed.”




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