Ambassadors for ACM Prizes & Rewards

These could be yours! You will be eligible to select one of these fantastic prizes when your first referral joins ACM, as well as for every other referral that joins (i.e. 3rd, 5th, 7th etc.). Plus, when your 10th referral joins, you may also select a bonus gift!

At the end of the Ambassadors for ACM program the top recruiters will also win a Grand Prize!

Prizes and Rewards  
Faraday Bag

ACM Faraday Bag
Description: Sized to fit all major mobile phone makes and models, this 7.5 x 4.5″ Faraday bag keeps devices safe and secure by blocking cell, GPS, RFID, and WiFi signals.

laptop sleeve

Reversible Neoprene Laptop Sleeve
Color: Blue
Size: 15" x 11"


Color: Blue
- Automatic folding umbrella with 42" arc 
- Cushioned straight finger grip handle & matching nylon sleeve

act t-shirt

ACM Logo T-Shirt
Size: XL

nylon drawstring pocket backpack

Pocket Backpack
A roomy nylon foldable backpack with drawstring closure at top, front zip pocket and fully adjustable straps.

Top Ambassadors for ACM

ACM is pleased to announce the following top recruiters in the Ambassadors for ACM member recruitment program for the second quarter of the 2023-2024 program year:

  • October: Narendra Pal Singh Rathore
  • November: Ratnakar Babu Mikkili
                     Sujatha Karimisetty
  • December: Achyuth Anilkumar

These members each received gifts from ACM acknowledging their initiative in sharing the importance of ACM's valuable programs. Learn more about rules, recruitment tips and tools, and prizes.