ACM's Technical Interest Service

ACM's Technical Interest Email Service provides ACM Members with access to highlights of current information related to their interests on a monthly basis, including articles, conferences, courses, and books. This is a free service for ACM Members who have completed their ACM Technical Interest Profile.

To receive the most targeted results, ACM Members are encouraged to update and refine their profiles. You can access your profile using the link provided in your Technical Interest Service email. Members who have not completed their profiles are encouraged to use their email link to complete their profiles, so they can benefit from this program.

Members have the option to easily unsubscribe from this service by using the link in their Technical Interest Service email. ACM's Technical Interest Email Service is the first step in ACM's ambitious program to bring you even more tailored and personalized information in the future, so we hope you will continue to participate.

Did you know that all ACM members receive full access to the Guide to Computing Literature? Visit the Guide today at to learn more about ACM's enormous bibliographic collection.

Other Important ACM Member Benefits include:

  • Folders. Create, organize, store, and share your custom collection of citations.
  • TOC Service. Receive the table of contents, via email, for new ACM journals, magazines or proceedings as they become available.

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