List of Conference Operation Liaisons and Corresponding Conferences

Acronym Liaison Acronym Liaison Acronym Liaison
AFIRM April Mosqus GRAPH ASIA Ashley Cozzi MOBIHOC April Mosqus
AIES Ashley Cozzi GRAPH Ashley Cozzi MOBISYS April Mosqus
ANCS JC Peeples GROUP Ashley Cozzi MODELS JC Peeples
ASE Asley Cozzi HILT April Mosqus MOD PODS JC Peeples
ASIA CCS April Mosqus HOTMOBILE April Mosqus MSWIM Donna Cappo
ASPDAC Lucia Sippel HOTNETS JC Peeples NANOARCH Lucia Sippel
ASPLOS J.C. Peeples HOT OS Lucia Sippel NANOCOM JC Peeples
ASONAM April Mosqus HPDC Ashley Cozzi NOCS Ashley Cozzi
ASSETS Lucia Sippel HPG Ashley Cozzi PASC Ashley Cozzi
AUTOMOTIVE UI Ashley Cozzi HRI Ashley Cozzi PACT JC Peeples
BCB Lucia Sippel HT April Mosqus PerDIS April Mosqus
BDCAT Ashley Cozzi I3D Ashley Cozzi PLDI JC Peeples
BUILDSYS April Mosqus ICCAD Lucia Sippel PODC Lucia Sippel
C&C Ashley Cozzi ICEA Donna Cappo POPL JC Peeples
CCGRID JC Peeples ICER April Mosqus PPoPP JC Peeples
CCS April Mosqus ICFP JC Peeples RACS Donna Cappo
CGO April Mosqus ICMI Ashley Cozzi RECSYS Ashley Cozzi
CHASE JC Peeples ICMR Lucia Sippel SAC Donna Cappo
CHI Ashley Cozzi ICN JC Peeples SACMAT April Mosqus
CHIPLAY Ashley Cozzi ICPC JC Peeples SAP Ashley Cozzi
CHIIR April Mosqus ICPE Lucia Sippel SBCCI Lucia Sippel
CIKM April Mosqus ICS JC Peeples SC Ashley Cozzi
CODASPY April Mosqus ICSE JC Peeples SCA Ashley Cozzi
COMM JC Peeples ICTIR April Mosqus SCF Ashley Cozzi
CONEXT JC Peeples IH&MMSEC Lucia Sippel SE JC Peeples
CPR Donna Cappo IMC JC Peeples SEC April Mosqus
CSE April Mosqus IR April Mosqus SENSYS April Mosqus
CSCS Ashley Cozzi ISCA JC Peeples SIM-PADS Donna Cappo
CSCW Ashley Cozzi ISLPED Lucia Sippel SLIP Lucia Sippel
CVMP Ashley Cozzi ISMM JC Peeples SOCC Lucia Sippel
DAC Lucia Sippel ISPD Lucia Sippel SOSP Lucia Sippel
DATE Lucia Sippel ISSAC Donna Cappo SPAA Donna Cappo
DEBS JC Peeples ITE JC Peeples SPATIAL Donna Cappo
DEV Ashley Cozzi ITiCSE April Mosqus SPLASH JC Peeples
DIGIPRO Ashley Cozzi IUI Lucia Sippel STOC Donna Cappo
DIS Ashley Cozzi IVA Ashley Cozzi SUI Ashley Cozzi
DOC JC Peeples IWLS Lucia Sippel SYSTOR Lucia Sippel
DOCENG April Mosqus IWQoS Lucia Sippel TAPIA JC Peeples
DS-RT Donna Cappo JCDL April Mosqus TAU Lucia Sippel
EC Lucia Sippel KCAP Lucia Sippel TEI Ashley Cozzi
e-Energy April Mosqus KDD April Mosqus UBICOMP Ashley Cozzi
EICS Ashley Cozzi LICS Donna Cappo UCC JC Peeples
ESEM JC Peeples MEMOCODE JC Peeples UCCS Donna Cappo
ESWEEK JC Peeples METRICS Lucia Sippel UIST Lucia Sippel
ETRA Ashley Cozzi MHV Lucia Sippel UMAP Ashley Cozzi
EUROSYS Lucia Sippel MICRO April Mosqus VEE JC Peeples
EXPRESSIVE Ashley Cozzi MIDDLEWARE JC Peeples VRCAI Ashley Cozzi
FAccT JC Peeples MIG Ashley Cozzi WEB3D Ashley Cozzi
FOGA Lucia Sippel MLCAD Lucia Sippel WEBSCI April Mosqus
FPGA Lucia Sippel MM ASIA Lucia Sippel WISEC April Mosqus
FSE JC Peeples MM Lucia Sippel WSC Donna Cappo
GECCO Lucia Sippel MOBICOM April Mosqus WSDM April Mosqus
GLSVLSI Lucia Sippel MOBILE HCI Ashley Cozzi    
GPCE JC Peeples  

Donna Cappo

Director of SIG Services

Direct: 212-626-0606

Ashley Cozzi

Assistant Director: SIG Services

Direct: 212-626-0614

April Mosqus

Program Coordinator

Direct: 212-626-0602

J.C. Peeples

Program Coordinator

Direct: 212-626-0603

Lucia Sippel

Program Coordinator

Direct: 212-626-0605