Statutes of the International Council of Scientific Unions (Excerpts)

Resolution of the Free Circulation of Scientists, September 1974

The XV General Assembly

8) Having been informed of a number of cases in which bona fide scientists from National adhering bodies of the International Scientific Unions had recently been prevented from attending symposia organized by these Unions through a refusal to grant entry visas and,

Recalling the earlier decisions taken by the ICSU emphasizing the right to free movement of scientists in this connection,

Draws the attention of the individual scientific unions and other ICSU bodies to the following guidelines and recommends their adoption:

1. Before Symposia or Meetings are arranged:

an assurance in writing should be obtained from the organizers in the country concerned that visas will be granted to bona fide scientists if proper applications are made, and

the unfortunate consequences, which may arise through failure to grant visas, should be communicated to the organizers of the symposia or meetings involved.

2. The procedure recently adopted by the IUPAC is commended for observance by other unions namely:

that application for visas where necessary should be made to the appropriate authorities not less than three months before the date of the symposium or meeting, and if these visas are not granted or promised in writing one month before the date of the event, sponsorship should be withdrawn, and,

arrangements for future meetings in any country found unable to comply with these principles should be suspended until more satisfactory circumstances exist.

3. National adhering bodies of the ICSU should urge the authorities in their countries to facilitate attendance and exit visas for scientists to attend such meetings in the same way.

4. Each Union or other ICSU body should inform the ICSU and its Scientists of cases in which withdrawal of sponsorship has become necessary so that other Unions may take this into account in making their own arrangements for meetings and symposia.

5. The Chairman of the Committee for Free Circulation and the Secretary General of the ICSU should maintain a record of cases reported, to which scientific unions and other ICSU bodies may refer.