Minutes of the April 7, 2000 SGB EC Conference Call

1. Review status of current action items -

The following Action Items were reported closed:

Action: Baglio to work with Notkin and Whitton on triggers for program reviews. (10/3/99)

Action: Lamie will provide a progress report to Notkin on SIGBIO activities and direction for the April conference call. (2/5/00)

Action: Notkin will correspond with other SIG Chairs to see if they can help with the SAC conference. (2/5/00)

Action: Notkin to let Siegel know that officer terms have been extended for 1 year. (3/3/00)

The following action item was added during this review:

Action: Chesnais to provide access to Cassel to update conference software file on web.

Action: Notkin to synopsize e-mail received on the SAC conference.

2. SIGGRAPH Membership request/external relationship

Baer reported the SIGGRAPH request to have joint membership with Eurographics. SIGGRAPH would like both societies to offer the membership at a rate of the sum of both memberships minus $7.00. There is some contradiction with the ACM bylaws of offering a lower rate to nonmembers of ACM.

Baer referred to e-mail message from Baglio which stated that this external relationship would require ACM EC approval. Baglio had suggested that the expectations of both groups be outlined to the ACM EC and that the SGB EC endorse. To avoid any issues regarding the membership fee being lower for ACM members, she suggested it be presented as a fee for ACM members that are also members of Eurographics. She also stated that ACM could not collect the dues for another organization. The membership agreement would have ACM honoring the discounted joint membership fee for any Eurographics member that contacted ACM and provided their membership number. ACM would expect the same from Eurographics for ACM members.

There was some confusion on the issue of policy. There was also discussion on the cost for processing these special agreements.

Motion: Move to endorse in principle external relationship between Eurographics and SIGGRAPH.
No objections

Action: Baer to clarify with Baglio how this can work without violating ACM policy.

Action: Baer to inform Judy Brown of decision and work with Judy Brown on outline for presentation to the ACM EC.

3. Awards discussion

Soffa reported that there were four comments from the SGB on a new award proposed by SIGGRAPH for individuals "new to the field" or "early in their career". The description of the award was considered too vague. There was much discussion on ways to tighten up the definition. There was also concern that the current definition might prevent people from nominating the appropriate people and would create unnecessary hassles for the awards committee.

Motion: SGB EC to approve award on the condition that it is more clearly defined before the call for nominations is published.

Action: Johnson to send email to Judy Brown that the SGB EC approves the award on the condition that it is more clearly defined before the call for nominations is published.

4. Publications update

Cohoon reported that there is a new editor review process for TODS and TOMS.

Cassel reported that SIGCSE approved support for the new publication of JERIC. SIGCSE nominated co-editors.

IEEE is annoyed that TON is available online in the ACM DL.

SIGUCCS and SIGCPR have plans for their newsletters and are acting responsibly.

5. SIGBIO update

Notkin reported that he has not received the progress report from SIGBIO. He did receive three e-mail messages stating that it was being worked on. Notkin will wait for the report.



  • Jean-Loup Baer
  • Boots Cassel
  • Alain Chesnais
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Rick Furuta
  • Julie Goetz for Donna Baglio
  • Mark Scott Johnson
  • David Notkin
  • Mary Lou Soffa
  • Mary Whitton
  • Doris Lidtke