Minutes of the March 1, 1998 SIG Board Meeting

The agenda was changed to bring Program Reviews up to the 1st item, APL 2nd, and actions and minutes 3rd.

1.0 Program Reviews

1.1 SIGCHI [Atwood]

Cassel questioned the status of their officer structure, elections, etc. Atwood indicated that he had begun discussions about this at the EC meeting in December. It is on the agenda for their Spring meeting as well.

Cunningham asked whether they were satisfied with making conference registrants members of the SIG? Atwood explained that SIGCHI is good at initiating experiments but not tracking them through, volunteers assume that's the way it's always worked. He's hopeful that this will change with more administrative assistance from ACM HQ.

Motion: Move that SIGCHI retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Bonnette, Wishbow

1.2 SIGCOMM [Floyd]

Johnson asked if COMM was concerned about splintering from those whose papers are not accepted? Floyd is concerned about who does and does not get their paper accepted, and how this is handled, but she is not worried about splintering.

Motion: Move that SIGCOMM retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Wishbow, Cohoon

1.3 SIGCSE [Klein]

Miller asked if there were any speculations as to why SIGCSE in San Jose was not as successful as other SIGCSE annuals? Klein said it might have been a West Coast thing, they have a richer tradition in the East Coast.

Motion: Move that SIGCSE retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Bonnette, Miller

1.4 SIGDA [Cohoon]

Cohoon added that a membership drive is planned. They are considering giving coupons to members allowing them to further reduce the member price of a conference they sponsor. SIGDA has rejected making conference attendees SIGDA members because they want the sum to be greater than any one thing they get.

Motion: Move that SIGDA retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Yaverbaum, Shapiro

1.5 SIGCAS [Martin]

Motion: Move that SIGCAS retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Cohoon, Bonnette

Lidtke suggested that Martin go to her EC and discuss becoming a newsletter only SIG. Martin is interested in seeing how their upcoming conference will do. If it's successful, they will want to continue to explore a variety of activities. If it's not successful they will seriously look at themselves. They are in-cooperation with NECC. It was suggested that SIGCAS buddy up with a large SIG to produce a workshop of interest to that SIG.

Bonnette spoke to Martin regarding their donation of $5,000 to Policy'98. Bonnette was concerned of their not having any chance of receiving a surplus.

Action: Bonnette will discuss the future of SIGCAS with the SIG leadership after the Policy'98 Conference.

1.6 SIGACT [Vitter]

Motion: Move that SIGACT retain its status as a multi-service SIG.
Cohoon, Wishbow

2.0 SIGAPL [Siegel, McGrew]

SIGAPL is currently in a transitional state. They have had many problems, including newsletter timeliness and volunteer development.

Siegel's suggested that SIGAPL was ready to convert back into regular multi-service SIG status. The issues have been addressed. They have put together a full slate for an election. This slate of officers was gathered in 5 weeks by a 3 person nominating committee. Besides these officers on the slate, a number of other volunteers are taking part in SIGAPL.

The key problem is the delivery of their newsletter. The quality has been kept high. Although they are still not on schedule. they are gaining and hope to be back on schedule by December 1998.

Bonnette requested Siegel expand on planning for conferences. Siegel explained there are conferences being sponsored by local chapters. He feels that a strong local group is needed to run a successful conference, something they didn't account for before, but assures that will be secured for future conferences.

Miller commented that there a number of people still interested in APL. SIGAPL does not want to go under anyone's wing, they would like to stand on their own. Miller feels that this new group of leaders is the right group to do it.

Furuta commented that it seems like the same group of people circulating through, and he questioned what the status of the APL language is. Siegel admitted APL is not as huge as C or Java, but nonetheless there are paying members who use this language and vendors who pay for this license which interprets into many users. SIGAPL is actively in use and a new version is distributed annually. He made it clear that the APL language is not dead.

Wishbow asked how the local chapters budgeted for conferences. Siegel explained that the Toronto chapter had a surplus from being active for so many years. The parent's SIG participation or role was to advertise or announce the conference and serve as an advisor of what did and didn't work. Siegel stated that regarding the previous comment about the same group of people coming back, only himself and one other volunteer are sitting officers, everyone else is new. Siegel also stated that SIGAPL would sooner become a publication only SIG than be dissolved or go under someone else's wing, however, he doesn't feel it's the way to go because they would be taking their weakness and making it their strength.

Miller's view is that people really do enjoy getting together and discussing APL. This encourages enthusiasm and activity for the SIG.

Lidtke commented that Siegel is correct in assessing their problem is in the management of their conferences on the national level as opposed to local chapter. They must realize they have to watch their expenses.

3.0 Other Business

Lidtke indicated that only action resulting from the SIG Chair's meeting was the motion to accept the SOR and transition plan and have these taken to the EC for approval.

Motion: Move to bring forth the changes in the SOR and indicate endorsement of the transition plan to the ACM EC.
Furuta, Shapiro

Action: Baglio will inform Pat Ryan that approval of the SOR be placed on the ACM EC agenda.

Yaverbaum indicated that SIGSIM has requested an extension of their officers. Complicating this is the fact their newsletter is behind, they are not a strong SIG and they have no representation at this meeting. Yaverbaum suggests going along with the re-appointment for 1 year, have them put a nomination committee together and have current officers present a report during this time. Yaverbaum feels Smith is the right person to lead SIGSIM at this time.

Lidtke would like Yaverbaum to discuss this with Smith and then report to the Board during the next conference call.

Action: Yaverbaum will discuss the future direction of SIGSIM with their leadership and report to the SIG Board during the March 11th conference call.

Action: Baglio will place SIGSIM on the agenda of the March 11th conference call.

Motion: Move that the SIG Board re-appoint the officers of SIGSIM. They are to continue in transitional status and provide a Program Review during the next SIG Chairs meeting.
Cohoon, Yaverbaum

Motion: Move that SIGAPL be returned to multi-service status and provide a program review in 1 year.
Cassel, Miller

Action: Baglio will inform Pat Ryan that SIGAPL should be scheduled for an election of officers.

Motion: Move that Stu Shapiro be thanked for his service to the SIG Board.
Cohoon, Bonnette
Passed by Acclamation

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.


SIG Board

  • Della Bonnette
  • Lillian Cassel
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Rick Furuta
  • Doris Lidtke
  • Keith Miller
  • Nina Wishbow
  • Gayle Yaverbaum
SIG Chairs/Representatives
  • David Siegel, SIGAPL
  • Bruce Klein,SIGCSE
  • Lewis Johnson,SIGART
  • Sally Floyd, SIGCOMM
  • Mike Atwood, SIGCHI
  • Steve Cunningham, SIGGRAPH
  • Donna Baglio
  • Maria Rivera