Minutes of the October 2, 1998 SIG Board/Governing Board Executive Committee Transition Meeting

1.0 Welcome and Introductions [Ellis]

Ellis opened the meeting at 2:45pm and thanked everyone for coming. She announced Lidtke's absence but thanked her for all her hard work in making the governance changes.

Introductions were made.

2.0 Transition of SIG Board to SGB EC

It was decided that in Lidtke's absence, others who had been on the SIG Board would help with the transition plan.

2.1 SIG Board Area Director Position Description

2.2 Member-at-Large Position Description

Baglio gave a summary of the past SIG Board positions. The SGB EC reviewed the handout on the Area Director's and Member-at-Large positions.

A discussion followed about the Area Director's role and importance in the past. It was decided that the current roles as defined in the bylaws would be worked with at this time.

2.3 Current SIG Board Action Items

Baglio reviewed the list of open action items and her recommendations on those actions which needed to be transferred to the new SGB and SGB EC.

2.4 SIG Board Areas of Concern

The SGB identified areas that were of concern to the SIG Board and are of concern to them.

  • Programs that have reached their life expectancy
  • A good way of supporting programs that are topical but don't need to be a SIG?
    • Possibilities, i.e. working groups within larger SIGs
    • Consolidation of SIGs without losing influence
  • End-of-Life/Start-of-Life (formation of programs)
  • Objective evaluation criteria for probation/transition
  • Limited Life (intentional)

Johnson suggested the SGB EC develop guidelines to measure a SIG against since it is easy to fudge a program review for the SGB.

2.5 SIG Board Appointments

The SGB was required to make 2 appointments.

  1. USACM
  2. TSC

3.0 Review of SGB Agenda

The SGB EC reviewed the SGB Agenda and added the following items.

Action: USACM and TSC Chair appointments

Action: Program Reviews: develop a policy for SGB to vote on before the next meeting.

Action: Baglio to distribute a report on program review issues.

Ellis suggested they ask the SGB for power to revert to the old policy for program reviews until a new policy falls into place.

In Lidtke's absence, Baglio read an email message from Lidtke to the SGB EC and presented gifts to the outgoing SIG Board.

4.0 SGB EC

Joe Turner discussed the IFIP issues and provided backup outlining the processes. He planned on presenting this to the SGB at the following meeting.

As ACM becomes a full member of IFIP, appointments have to be made to the TC's. In the past, this was done in-cooperation with other societies in FOCUS and with suggestions from the SIGs. It was suggested that the best way to handle in the future was the appropriate SIG organization coordinate the appointment and manage the whole process from the SGB level.

4.1 SGB EC Position Assignments

Positions were decided as follows:

SGB EC Vice Chair for Operations: David Notkin
SGB EC Vice Chair for SIG Development: Rick Furuta
SGB EC Secretary: Jean-Loup Baer
Conference Advisor: Rick Snodgrass
Large SIG Advisor: Mary Lou Soffa
Small SIG Advisor: Lillian Cassel

It was decided that the SGB Council representative should be an ex-officio member of the SGB EC. The Council Representative should have interaction with the SGB EC in order to bring information back to Council.

Action: SGB Council Rep will be an ex-officio member of the SGB EC.

4.2 Goals and Objectives

  • open communication with the SGB
  • make life of SGB easier via delegation of authority ground done at EC level.
  • Goal interaction with SIGs and Council, Cross SIG, Cross ACM
  • VC operations to communicate SGB EC activities to SGB

Action: Notkin will look into SIGSOFT presenting at the next Council's meeting

  • distribute administrative opportunities to subcommittee of SGB
  • policy vision
  • program development, foster program initiatives
  • strengthen volunteer stream
  • structural changes
  • consolidate operational needs of SIGs
  • feed recommendations to representatives on ACM subcommittees
  • assist SIGs and ACM set policies
  • build/increase visibility and credibility
  • strengthen relationship with Publications Board

Whitton suggested that Cohoon's agenda items be brought to spring meeting.

Action: Add Jim Cohoon to SGB 10/3 agenda on summary of CORE (Computer Science Repository)

Ellis adjourned at 6:00 pm



  • Jean-Loup Baer
  • Donna Baglio
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Rick Furuta
  • Lewis Johnson
  • David Notkin
  • Richard Snodgrass
  • Joe Turner
  • Maria Rivera
  • Patricia Ryan
  • Mary Whitton
  • Gayle Yaverbaum