July 17, 2020 SIG Governing Board Zoom Meeting Chat

12:11:08     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : also visa and funding can be prohibitive for physical confs
12:11:12     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : for many
12:11:19     From  jf : Indeed!
12:16:49     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : interaction?
12:17:40     From  Nadir Weibel : Will these slides be available somewhere after the call?
12:18:11     From  J.C. Peeples  : It's being recorded for later use. 
12:18:35     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : Will be nice to have these slides as well. 
12:18:45     From  Crista Lopes : we'll make them available
12:31:06     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : But even then it creates barriers for the community to expand to other countries...
12:37:56     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : do you have guidance for post-conf surveys of participants?
12:38:08     From  jf : Jenna, all of this will NOT be over.  That’s why ACM has a standing committee on virtual conferences.
12:39:03     From  Lisa Brown : are all of these linked from that ACM site on virtual conferences?
12:39:29     From  Crista Lopes : Yes, I believe so
12:40:57     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : Should we ask our questions here, and have someone moderate?
12:41:22     From  JENS PALSBERG : You can ask here _or_ press Raise Hand
12:41:51     From  Martin Murer : Any thoughts on hybrid conferences?
12:42:41     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : We were also interested in hybrid conferences because our conference venue is very interested in it, haha.
12:43:06     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : A comment: much like hours of day can preclude people from participating, so can days of week. Please be inclusive to parents and think twice before scheduling things for weekends.
12:43:17     From  Satish Narayanasamy : As an organizer, how to navigate the uncertainty of going physical and virtual conference? Do we plan to do both? How to manage  finances - are people willing to pay registration fees, and are hotels willing to refund if we go virtual? 
12:43:52     From  Martin Murer : Thanks! More specifically regarding hybrid conferences: any thoughts on demo sessions?
12:44:14     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : not just parents, we all have other commitments
12:44:25     From  Douglas Schuler : What about hybrid conferences in which each component of the broader conference was either all virtual or all in one place?
12:45:01     From  Jason Hartline : btw.  SIGecom has a strategy for hybrid that we may or may not get to talk about in our 10 minute session.
12:45:17     From  Eugene Syriani : is there a cap on the number of participants per zoom session with ACM licenses?
12:45:20     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : +1 Benjamin Pierce
12:45:41     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : Question: would there be interest in the ACM higher-ups to organize smaller follow-up zoom meetings for conferences with similar conference dates (e.g., spring 2021 conferences) to invite those organizers to meet together to share their insights in real-time? Or would ACM prefer that this be self-driven?
12:45:46     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : @Eugene the license we got from ACM for SIGecom is 3000 people
12:46:07     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Paul: That’s a great idea!
12:46:27     From  Donna : ACM standard licenses are for 500. We have some for 1000 and another for 3000
12:46:40     From  jf : @Jenna: Thanks.
12:47:59     From  Alexandra Silva : What sort of initiatives can we have in place for first time attendees (in particular, first year grad students) to feel included in the social networking and potentially find mentors/collaborators outside their advisor’s circle? I am curious to hear if there are success stories from PLDI/ICSE/…
12:48:11     From  Jason Hartline : Btw.  ACM zoom licenses are unfortunately restricted that make them hard to use.  I hope this can be changed.
12:48:19     From  Douglas Schuler : Seems like there is an opportunity to bring people to conferences that could not afford to fly to a conference, stay in a hotel, etc.
12:48:42     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : @Alexandra we had a mentoring workshop a few weeks before EC.
12:49:19     From  Tiago Guerreiro : Hotels: just as a single data point, with ASSETS (SIGACCESS) we were able to use our deposit for this year to be used within a period of two years (so we will be able to have a physical conference in Athens, Greece in two years if we want to). The hotel was nice, in this case.
12:49:31     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Alexandra: Student-organized coffees have been very successful.  Also organized or semi-organized mentoring sessions.
12:49:34     From  Jonathan Bell : @Alexandra - PLDI and ICSE both had dedicated student mentoring workshops (https://pldi20.sigplan.org/home/PLMW-PLDI-2020#Speakers-and-Panelists https://2020.icse-conferences.org/track/icse-2020-Student-Mentoring-Workshop), and I am one of the co-organizers for OOPSLA’s mentoring workshop. This all went well, but wasn’t anywhere near enough opportunities IMO.
12:50:02     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : As organizers, can we mandate that an author present a talk at the virtual conference? I am told that ACM has introduced a field in the ACM Copyright form to give the author the option to allow being recorded. 
12:50:40     From  Sandy Irani : Can you comment on some of the pros and cons of the different schedules to accommodate different time zones? What worked and what didn't?
12:50:50     From  Cosmin Munteanu : Given that none of the current videoconf platforms is 100% suitable for academic conferences (especially in terms of accessibility), and given privacy/security concerns with 3rd-party owned software, perhaps ACM can champion open-sourced dev of a dedicated video platform.
12:51:01     From  Alexandra Silva : Thanks, Benjamin — that’s the sort if thing I was wondering. I feel we need to slightly reinvent PLMW for it to be effective in a virtual edition.
12:51:29     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Sandy: It’s a tradeoff between inclusiveness and organizational complexity, basically.
12:51:43     From  Jonathan Bell : @Alexandra we are planning a reinvented PLMW for SPLASH; feel free to contact offline
12:51:45     From  Benjamin Pierce : One session with no mirroring is simplest and least inclusive.
12:52:09     From  Benjamin Pierce : ICSE’s follow-the-sun is very symmetric, but required a crazy number of organizers to make it happen.
12:52:22     From  Benjamin Pierce : Mirroring is a compromise.
12:52:57     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : just bubbling up the question re: can we mandate that an author present a talk at the virtual conference? I am told that ACM has introduced a field in the ACM Copyright form to give the author the option to allow being recorded.
12:53:32     From  Jeanna Matthews : ASPLOS report also linked in the Virtual Conferences Google doc :-)
12:54:24     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Nicole: I’m not actually sure who can answer that question — maybe one of the ACM folks?
12:56:24     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : @ACM, I'd particularly like to mandate authors show up for live Q&A should conf organizers choose to have that
12:57:00     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : +1 @Nicole - that's what we are planning to do for ACM-BCB also (sigbio). 
12:57:03     From  Donna : Nicole, happy to discuss with you following session
13:00:19     From  jf : Jim Larus is COMPLETELY RIGHT in his claim that we should “rethink what a conference is.”  That is part of the goal of ACM’s standing committee on virtual conferences.
13:00:34     From  Crista Lopes : +1
13:03:34     From  Jeanna Matthews : +1 also :-) “Shift the focus from reproducing an in-person meeting to doing what virtual conferences do best” was our #1 under Five Things to Consider Before Going Virtual article
13:04:01     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : i think it's valuable to have a coordinated time when large portions of the community are expected to show up, like a 3 day conf with 2 hrs of plenary events per day where everyone comes (and then spread other events out)
13:05:48     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : SIGecom did both and interaction during the 3-day event was substantially more than the spread out events
13:06:08     From  Tiago Guerreiro : One question and a concern: 1) do you see more engagement online than on live conferences and does it make sense to make recorded talks available soon and dedicate the conference to panels and discussions rather than the "25+5 minute"  presentation format? 2) In the spirit of rethinking conferences, let's take this opportunity to make these spaces more accessible and more inclusive (beware of inaccessible technology, and of maintaining schedules/timezomes as the ones of physical conferences). 
13:07:26     From  Andre Platzer : Where does the closed captioning come from? Magic? Or technology?
13:07:37     From  Douglas Schuler : magic presumably
13:07:45     From  Andre Platzer : Seems like it ;-)
13:07:47     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : @tiago, re 1), we had 18 min talks + 2 min Q&A (allowing time to switch rooms).  this created a lot of engagement because people chatted about the talk with the author during the playback.
13:07:48     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Depends on whether you understand it or not.
13:08:08     From  Eric Handler (He/Him, SIGUCCS) : @andre Google Slides can do captioning live, that’s what’s happening for this presentation
13:08:13     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : (the difference between magic and technology)
13:08:16     From  Andre Platzer : Ah
13:08:41     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : so it was magic, but not it’s technology.  ;)
13:08:41     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Tiago: There is a lot of experimentation going on.  At ICFP, for example, we will use the full talk slot for pre-recorded video with live text chat (with the author and the rest of the audience); separately, presenters and audience members will be invited to video chats to continue discussion.
13:08:42     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : Clarke's third law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
13:08:47     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : @acm is the group chat being recorded? I see a lot of great comments but i'm too lazy to copy and paste...
13:09:16     From  Lisa Brown : you can save the chat at the end....
13:09:22     From  Tiago Guerreiro : @Paul: there is an option on the chat to save it
13:09:33     From  Tiago Guerreiro : you just need to keep saving it or not Forget to save it in the end
13:09:40     From  Douglas Schuler : also, Google Meet (captioning)
13:11:32     From  Tiago Guerreiro : @Benjamin: what platform are you using for text chat? 
13:11:54     From  Douglas Schuler : Since we all knew the the captioning tech wasn't magic, it must not be sufficiently advanced? :-)
13:12:43     From  Benjamin Pierce : @Tiago: “You” = ICFP?  Not yet decided, but leading contenders are either Slack or Clowdr.
13:16:33     From  Tiago Guerreiro : At ASSETS, where we have several people who are deaf or hard of hearing we hire professional captionists. We are now seeing how well it works with Zoom (Zoom allows that we indicate a participant as a captionist and then the captions appear overlayed to everyone). But you may consider that to be too much if you don't have registered attendees that need the service
13:17:26     From  Tiago Guerreiro : @Benjamin: thanks. 
13:18:11     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : We'll demo our use of gather soon, including customizations - used extensively at EC.
13:23:53     From  Benjamin Pierce : N.b.: Both Gather and Clowdr were about 5 weeks old when PLDI used them!
13:24:18     From  Nadir Weibel : https://gather.town/conferences/
13:24:43     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : @Nadir: +1
13:24:44     From  Alastair Donaldson : Yes, Gather and Clowdr were incredibly new and worked really well considering that.
13:24:54     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : @Alaistair - great talk! can you say more about the Ask me anything track and how it worked, and what purpose it generally served?
13:25:07     From  Gautam Kamath : (here in the chat)
13:27:40     From  Lisa Brown : curious what sponsors got out of the conference? finding it hard to imagine a vendor sponsoring a virtual event
13:27:59     From  Alastair Donaldson : @Anath Here are some example AMA videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyrlk8Xaylp4hgSemGP4yVzXC9J4XZLnT The purpose was to have a load of special sessions throughout the conference - catering for different folks' interests - that could be very interactive, rather than a small number of virtual keynotes.  I don't think virtual keynotes are anything like as momentous as physical ones, so I thought I'd try something a bit different.  (It was actually inspired by an idea from Jan Vitek, and Crista Lopes was super excited about the idea when I mentioned it to her).
13:28:21     From  Alastair Donaldson : Slides on PLDI: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VxsMq0IkVg9s2Pf4YzZowLG91c22sPlqEErw2oiVSd4/
13:28:31     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : our gold sponsor (amazon) was very happy with the virtual sponsorship
13:28:38     From  Crista Lopes : @Lisa: the sponsors of ICSE were very happy with the virtual booths, where they met prospective employees
13:28:41     From  Alastair Donaldson : PLDI report: https://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~afd/homepages/papers/pdfs/2020/PLDIReport.pdf
13:29:14     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : Thanks @Alastair! Will check out those pointers.
13:30:01     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : For the respondents who listed that Slack was not useful at all, was there a follow-up question that asked if they were were Slack haters?
13:31:27     From  Gautam Kamath : there was not -- you can see the full survey questions and results here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hRW0-YTxJJr1X39esjtzj5XKGghzbESSLxyB_gd7I60/viewanalytics
13:31:58     From  Gautam Kamath : additionally, here's the STOC report: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nzyvfdsXLzqYXxxdjw1y_OHAYwGolHCZUkRVmlxG9BE/
13:33:45     From  Jeanna Matthews : Many conference reports also listed from the Virtual Conferences doc if you want one stop shopping :-)
13:33:47     From  Jeanna Matthews : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XsGDOHzBhY9S-D4Smp2p9JgqdI0umZ0IZVi7Nhm0gYg/edit#heading=h.beqedrrx3of3
13:37:36     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : time zones are listed in ET
13:38:21     From  Madhur Tulsiani : Also adding the link to the STOC Slack here in case anyone wants to check it out: https://join.slack.com/t/stoc2020/shared_invite/zt-fbrl5var-cPL5MwlmPwX8XGtWt159og
13:41:35     From  Jeanna Matthews : Madhur I am adding that to the Virtual Conferences doc now :-)
13:45:12     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman (SIGBio) : How many attendees can the free version of Gather.town support, before it starts charging?
13:45:20     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : question for EC2020 speakers: how long did you all spend in setting up your gather.town world?
13:45:26     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : Need to clean it up and it will be public with our report. If you need it sooner, email us please.
13:49:31     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : question: were there any virtual conferences that used food vouchers with food delivery services for student mentoring events such as doctoral consortium?
13:49:40     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : students <3 food
13:50:16     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : we thought about food, but it's hard to do internationally and ramps up costs
13:50:44     From  Tiago Guerreiro : Just wanted to say that ALL these reports were fantastic. So much work put into having these different conferences work well, and maybe even better than physical conferences for some. Congratulations to the organizers. 
13:50:44     From  Anders Møller : Do you have statistics on how many participated actively on gather.town?
13:51:07     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : At any time there were ~150, with peaks over 200
13:51:22     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : these rotated of course according to time zones
13:51:22     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : And that’s for the whole 8 hours session.
13:51:45     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : so number unique visitors were higher; we're working on extracting this
13:51:47     From  Anders Møller : Very good, thanks.
13:52:10     From  Benjamin Pierce : Everyone who asked (or saw) a question that didn’t get discussed enough: Please ask it again!
13:52:37     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : @Anders that's also about the number of people who showed up for plenaries, so it's not that people only come for plenaries and leave or similar...
13:53:04     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : A comment on Gather.town that I forgot to mention:  We asked for them to implement special features for us that were not in Gather previously.  They were amazing at this:  (a) private spaces (b) watch parties (c) calendar (d) name badges.  These features are no available for everyone else.
13:53:24     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : (are now available for...)
13:53:41     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : thanks nicole, yes.
13:53:48     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : “now available for everyone"
13:54:51     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : @jason: thank you all for making those requests to make the jobs of the upcoming conferences much easier. watch parties will be amazing to replicate one of my favorite part of conferences, which is attending talks with my colleagues to share the moment during and after the talk
13:55:16     From  jf : What about conferences that have exhibitors and other “trade show” aspects?
13:55:39     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : does the hand raise feature work?
13:55:49     From  Eric Handler (He/Him, SIGUCCS) : I’d like to second @JF’s question
13:56:09     From  Gautam Kamath : ICML had a sponsor expo: https://icml.cc/Expo/Conferences/2020/Expo
13:56:23     From  Laurie Fox : I attended a virtual conference this week where the exhibitors had an area to share documents and links with the attendees
13:56:25     From  Gautam Kamath : this took place on Sunday
13:56:27     From  Laurie Fox : it was easy to browse
13:57:50     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : on the sponsor note, i believe recsys (?) had sponsor logos on the backgrounds of speakers?
13:58:03     From  jf : @Laurie, could you point me to the website for that conference?
13:58:43     From  Laurie Fox : yes
13:59:07     From  Laurie Fox : https://web.cvent.com/event/96ad2691-f97f-4115-973f-8d901bf6b8cd/summary
13:59:20     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : @alastair: i finally found it! i had to click Participants button first
13:59:33     From  Laurie Fox : I’m sure that the organizer ([email protected] ) would answer any questions you have
14:01:10     From  Tiago Guerreiro : On Authors paying more than others, it feels wrong that the ones that are generating the value, are the ones that need to pay. Publishing a paper costs Money, but with no authors, there is no paper. 
14:01:18     From  Alastair Donaldson : I thought the EC demo of how Gather was used was inspirational!
14:01:50     From  jf : Thanks, Laurie and Gautam.
14:02:04     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : @tiago, actually, the value is from having the people. as was mentioned in the opening presentation.
14:02:05     From  Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon : Fees for ACM members vs non-ACM members?
14:02:08     From  Laurie Fox : they used an app called “SpotMe”. It was fantastic.
14:02:18     From  Paul Taele (he/him, SIGCHI IUI 2021) : more gather.town questions please :)
14:03:07     From  Jonathan Bell : Can you share how much Gather cost, and what it would be for others to have what you had?
14:05:45     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : i think it was $20k
14:05:51     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : they have a weird pricing model
14:06:07     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : they wanted something like $6 per person per 8 hr block for all the features we asked for
14:06:24     From  Alastair Donaldson : For PLDI we paid around $4k (but didn't have all those cool features)
14:06:51     From  Jonathan Bell : For ICSE we paid about $100 :)
14:07:29     From  Nadir Weibel : Are the cool features on gather now available for new paying customers? Or they are only there for EC 2020, since you implemented it?
14:07:56     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : They’ve been rolling out in production Gather.town
14:08:06     From  Tomas Cerny : Pull out
14:08:14     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : e.g., STOC’s coffee sessions had some of the features we asked for.
14:08:50     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : So many conferences that use Gather now get these features mostly without paying more.  (Modulo their funny pricing model: per person per feature per day)
14:11:25     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : I hope that Gather implements CVENT integration
14:13:29     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Actually, my poster sessions are implemented in AWS Lambda functions serving up HTTP 302 redirects.  Could potentially mine these logs if we figure out how...
14:15:00     From  Jeanna Matthews : Crista what was that?
14:15:11     From  Jeanna Matthews : So we can see if we can collect?
14:15:13     From  Susanne Boll : But it would be good also to add it to the virtual conference document?
14:15:29     From  Jeanna Matthews : Add what though?
14:15:29     From  Crista Lopes : Code
14:15:38     From  Jeanna Matthews : Ah code
14:15:54     From  Crista Lopes : I was talking about code/scripts/design ideas
14:16:08     From  Jeanna Matthews : Joan did you want us to collect code?
14:16:22     From  Jeanna Matthews : Or were you thinking more about reports and stats and things?
14:17:22     From  Jeanna Matthews : @jf, basically if there are things you want collected that we are not collecting, we can try
14:17:35     From  Jeanna Matthews : just let us know
14:17:37     From  jf : I would love to have anything that could be of use to ACM’s standing committee on virtual conferences: code, reports, stats, scripts, design ideas, etc.
14:23:02     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : The EC2020 stuff for scheduling Gather probably needs a fair amount of effort to make it helpful.  Though number of lines of code is probably like 500.
14:24:19     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : I assume you can run it on AWS.
14:26:09     From  Susanne Boll : How much effort would it be in hours for setting it up and then for collecting and cleaning the data until it is in a good shape for a conference?
14:27:49     From  Jan Svacina : More on the repository: https://github.com/cloudhubs/acmsac
14:28:01     From  Tomas Cerny : live demo https://acmsac.ecs.baylor.edu/
14:29:01     From  Jan Svacina : @Susane Boll: I think that setting up and data cleaning would take up one man-day.
14:33:39     From  Cosmin Munteanu : Thumbs up to this being a "socio-technical" problem! The Canadian Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences decided this year against a virtual conference because "the single most important benefit of a conference is the in-person interaction".
14:35:17     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : i think the gather experience simulates the in-person interaction very well.  the visual cues are amazing at facilitating this.  i ran into random people, some i hadn't seen in years, some i'd never met before, by just bumping into them when walking around
14:36:33     From  Susanne Boll : I assume the slides of the Tools Session can be made available in addition to the recording of this session?
14:39:05     From  Renee McCauley : Is next week’s meeting going to go over these same tools and topics?
14:39:16     From  Renee McCauley : Great information.
14:44:39     From  Jeanna Matthews : Donna, will you be posting all this video, slides etc publicly?  We could also try to do that off the Virtual Conferences page (except the video) but I would rather just point to a page you build if you are willing :-)
14:45:08     From  Shari Trewin : These are all really great platforms.  Does anyone have experience connecting in sign language interpreters or captioners to any of these systems, or including attendees with visual impairment? This is the time to start considering and building in accessibility, because it’s hard to retrofit. As new platforms emerge, it’s a real worry that some attendees with disabilities could be excluded if their needs are not considered. How can we make sure accessibility is not an afterthought?
14:45:11     From  Donna : Yes, that is the plan. 
14:46:09     From  Eelco Visser : The link: https://conf.researchr.org/
14:46:12     From  Jonathan Bell : @Shari it is something we are aware of. Closed captions in particular are of value to lots of people: it is not unusual to want to watch a talk with the audio muted :)
14:46:21     From  JENS PALSBERG : Next week will be about similar topics but with some different speakers and focus on SIGs with multiple conferences
14:47:21     From  Nadir Weibel : You can also have automated system like https://www.3playmedia.com/ for live sessions
14:47:26     From  Nadir Weibel : integrates with Zoom
14:47:50     From  Eric Handler (He/Him, SIGUCCS) : IF you record sessions in advance, Otter.ai is an option too
14:50:44     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Can the ACM change it’s restrictions on its Zoom rooms and webinars?  These were very hard to work with.
14:51:13     From  Nadir Weibel : Can you send out the link on how to access the Discord system you mentioned?
14:52:21     From  Laurie Fox : We are worried about attendance. We run monthly technical webinars that are not very well attended (25-30 people, vs. 250 in person)
14:52:21     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Main issue:  cannot allow “join before host".
14:52:40     From  Benjamin Pierce : Here is the Discord forum: https://virtualconf.acm.org
14:52:42     From  Laurie Fox : Those of you that had a virtual attendance increase, do you offer other virtual things during the year?
14:52:44     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : @yannai, do you remember the other ones?
14:53:10     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : Making non-acm accounts hosts in advance was one major thing
14:53:25     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Yeah, that was super painful.
14:53:58     From  Tomas Cerny : Could we get a link to the second presentation open-source?
14:54:02     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Yeah, I’ve run workshops out of zoom rooms.  Zero troubles with disruptive people.
14:54:31     From  Jonathan Bell : Clowdr -> https://www.clowdr.org email [email protected] if you would like an invite to log in to the ICSE 2020 installation and browse around
14:54:36     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : +1 for "join without host”
14:56:44     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : there were also zoom webinar restrictions, but i don’t remember them.
14:57:14     From  Ananth Kalyanaraman : This was extremely helpful! Thank you to all the presenters and the organizers. 
14:57:24     From  Laurie Fox : thank you!
14:57:29     From  Yannai Gonczarowski (SIGecom) : Thanks everyone
14:57:32     From  Nadir Weibel : Will you present new tools in the next meeting?
14:57:35     From  Tracy Hammond : thank you! very helpful (IUI 2021 Chair)
14:57:40     From  Eric Handler (He/Him, SIGUCCS) : Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Look forward to hearing about the upcoming sessions for co-timed conferences in the coming weeks/months
14:57:43     From  Tomas Cerny : Thank you!
14:57:44     From  Crista Lopes : Thank you everyone! I'm so glad people are starting to enjoy virtual conferences!
14:57:49     From  Martijn Willemsen : Thanks a lot, this was very informative! 
14:57:50     From  Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon : Thanks a lot everybody!
14:58:08     From  Nicole Immorlica (SIGecom) : thanks
14:58:12     From  Jason Hartline (SIGecom) : Thanks!