Minutes of the July 19, 2001 SGB EC Conference Call

1) Review status of current action items -

The following items were reported complete.

Action: Baglio to work on SOR update to include a "trigger" listing for troubled SIGs based on the HQ report on viability. (8/8/00). Reassigned to Notkin (3/22/01). Reassigned to Baglio (4/26/01).

Since this is an on-going task for the Board and the Director of SIG Services it was removed from the action item list. The expectation is that these "triggers" should be evolving along with the activities of the SGB.

Action: Feldman to build a committee to help ACM move forward with BIO computing activities. (8/8/00) Reassigned from Soffa and Notkin to Feldman (10/10/2000)

Action: Baglio to place discussion of students and transitioning on August SGB agenda and invite Israel to participate.

Action: Baglio to place following motion on SGB agenda for August: Move to propose that SIGCPR's allocation be frozen at $3K for the next 3 years.

Action: Baglio to place weighted voting cap on August agenda.

Action: Chesnais to name SGB members to committee to look at short term and long term plan for working with small SIGs and allocation issues. Mark Scott Johnson, Alan Berenbaum and Bruce Klein have agreed to serve on behalf of the SGB EC. a report is to be issued within 6 months.

Action: Council Reps are to ask council for suggestions as to how ACM could be a player in the BIO specialty and what are other areas ACM should be involved in.

2) New SIG on Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence

Stu Feldman reported that he will contact Jeff Bradshaw to discuss this matter.

3) Agenda Items for SGB meeting

The SGB EC discussed each of the items that were to be included in the SGB agenda for August 19th. Chesnais reminded the group that there will be many newly elected Chairs attending the meeting for the first time. He intends to review the role of the SGB and the SGB EC to provide them with an understanding of the activities of each of the groups. He'll also go over the voting practices so that they understand weighted voting. Chesnais will review the allocation and explain why the SGB decided to change the allocation formula in October'01. Chesnais and Cohoon will then present the pros and cons of weighted voting. They made it clear that they do not want a discussion to follow. Instead, the discussion will be scheduled later in the day.

SIGCPR's motion from the last meeting regarding their allocation will be placed on the agenda however, Klein believes that it will be tabled. He reported that Niederman is going to bring a merger proposal to the SGB instead.

Baglio reported that John White will give an ACM update which will include the digital library, portal project and professional development. At the request of the SGB he will also review the rate of return on the SIG Fund Balances policy.

Baglio was asked to make sure that at least 30 minutes was provided for a best practices session. The SGB EC felt that the new leaders would appreciate and benefit from the ideas.

Chesnais asked that Maria Klawe be provided with 20 minutes to discuss ACM5. She wants the SIG leaders to understand that if this meeting is approved that the SIGs will be very much involved.

Baglio reported that Barbara Ryder, Chair of the FCRC'03 conference would be providing the SGB with a 30 minute presentation on the conference and the SIGs already involved. She will be inviting more of the SIGs to particiapte.

SIGGRAPH, SIGMETRICS and SIGAda have requested postponements for their program reviews. The SGB meeting follows the SIGGRAPH Conference making it impossible for the Chair to participate. SIGMETRICS and SIGAda recently had elections and the new leaders would prefer to wait until the Spring before giving a review. Only SIGGROUP is scheduled for a review. The SGB EC is concerned about SIGGROUP as they've not turned in a slate to conduct an election.

The SGB EC will need to come up with recommendations during their August 18th meeting on the future of SIGCUE and the conversion of SIGUCCS. With regard to conducting electronic balloting for elections, the recommendation they made during the March meeting stands.

The ordering of the agenda is critical to the success of the meeting. There's a great deal of information and bringing the new leaders up to speed will be difficult. SGB EC members are going to encourage sticking to the established time limits set on each discussion item.

4) Publications

Cohoon indicated there was nothing to report.

5) Other Business

No other business was discussed.



  • Donna Baglio
  • Alan Berenbaum
  • Alain Chesnais
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Stuart Feldman
  • Rick Furuta
  • Mark Scott Johnson
  • Bruce Klein
  • David Notkin
  • Stephen Hayne
  • Mary Lou Soffa