Minutes of the May 31, 2001 SGB EC Conference Call

1) Review status of current action items -

The following items were reported complete.

Action: SGB EC is to exchange e-mail regarding the SIGs that will request assistance with the minimum allocation for FY'02 and FY'03.(11/14/00)

Action: SIGUCCS leadership to bring revitalization plan to SGB EC by May 1st. (3/8/01)

Action: Baglio to place SIGUCCS revitalization plan on May conference call agenda.(3/8/01)

Action: Set up a forum for SIGs challenges by new allocation to identify common areas of interest. (3/11/01)

Action: Klein to let Fajman know that revitalization plan is due May 1. (4/26/01)

The action item - Feldman to build a committee to help ACM move forward with BIO computing activities was discussed. Feldman has had conversations with several people and has yet to see a good answer on this. The landscape is heavily occupied and it is difficult to see where ACM could play a part at this point, we may be too late. At this point the SGB EC does not see any path appropriate for ACM to follow. It was suggested that the SGB EC refer this issue to the Council. Perhaps ACM should be building a higher level partnership with another group already involved in this area. That could benefit our members as well as theirs. We could also try to work with another organization to place their proceedings in ACM's DL. Baglio indicated that Mark Mandelbaum was already working on 3rd party content for the DL and would welcome their suggestions on BIO related materials. Feldman planned to get in touch with Mandelbaum to further discuss. The SGB EC would like the council reps to take this idea to Council and perhaps link it to the BIO dissolution vote.

The SGB EC is interested in hearing Council's suggestions as to how ACM could be a player in the BIO specialty and what are other areas ACM should be involved in. They may want to suggest some trends we'd want to jump on.

Action: Council Reps are to ask Council for suggestions as to how ACM could be a player in the BIO specialty and what are other areas ACM should be involved in.

2) SIGUCCS Update -

Klein reported that the SIGUCCS leaders submitted a revitalization plan. The plan calls for the group to become a conference SIG and to extend membership for 1 year to meet their obligations. The member benefits would include a copy of the CD/proceedings generated by the conference, discounts and promotional materials. SIGUCCS plan also proposed hiring a conference administrator. The SGB was concerned about this. The SIG is currently involved in 2 events. The responsibilities outlined for this individual are usually handled by volunteers. Their plan to hire outside help for conferences of this size is worrisome and the SGB EC questioned the viability of the special interest group that would need to do this. Their plan is to have a large steering committee yet they have a strong need to hire a professional conference management team.

  • Oversight of conference scheduling and marketing activities, to include: call for proposals, mass mailings, mass e-mailings, liaison activity with "state captains", conference web site development, and other advertising as appropriate.
  • Budget management support for conferences and liaison activities with ACM headquarters (e.g., TMRF, author release forms, hotel contract negotiations), local arrangement coordination, other logistical support as needed.
  • Liaison with conference registration services.
  • Coordination with SIGUCCS awards program committee.
  • Attendance at SIGUCCS conferences and other occasional travel required for planning purposes.
  • Assist with SIGUCCS' web presence as appropriate.

The SGB EC asked Klein and Baglio to develop an RFP according to the SIGUCCS leaders needs. Once issued and proposals received they will make a recommendation on moving ahead.

3) New SIG on Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence -

Feldman has gotten some input on this issue but not enough to move ahead either way. He is going to contact Jeff Bradshaw, SIGART's Chair for comment.

Action: Feldman to contact Jeff Bradshaw regarding SIG on Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence.

4) Publications -

Cohoon and Baglio reported that the following SIGs are behind in their newsletters and according to the motion passed at the SGB meeting in March will automatically be placed in transition:

Motion: Move that a SIG 2 or more issues behind in its publication schedule be automatically placed in transition. This policywould be placed in effect June 11, 2001
motion passed


The SGB EC has the ability to take these SIGs out of transition when they are caught up. SIG leaders should understand that this is a serious issue and will cause the SIG's viability to be questioned outside the realm of the standard review process.

5) Election Report -

Ellis reported that the nominations committee was waiting to hear from 2 SIG leaders regarding their interest in running. If they say yes, the slate will be complete Dan will be forwarded to ACM HQ for processing.

Furuta reported that SIGGROUP and SIGecom had not yet turned in slates. Feldman indicated that he was able to put together a nominating committee and believed that a slate was to come shortly. Furuta has not heard from Hayne and is concerned about the SIG's viability in general after hearing that they are also going to be placed in transition for not having a newsletter in.



  • Donna Baglio
  • Alan Berenbaum
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Stuart Feldman
  • Rick Furuta
  • Bruce Klein
  • David Notkin
  • Mary Lou Soffa


  • Alain Chesnais
  • Stephen Hayne
  • Mark Scott Johnson