Minutes of the December 14, 2000 SGB EC Conference Call

1) Review status of current action items -

The following action items were reported as completed:

Action: Baglio and D. Johnson to work with FCRC Steering Committee on location for FCRC 2003. (10/2/99)

Action: Baglio to schedule the SGB meeting at ACM1.(10/3/99)

Action: Klein to provide newsletter update to SGB EC by Sept. 15, 2000.(2/5/00) (changed from Siegel to Notkin 6/2/00)(changed from Notkin to Klein on 9/12/00)

Action: Notkin will appoint a committee to review the SAC conference.(8/8/00)

Action: Klein to work with SIGBIO leaders on letter of dissolution for distribution to the SIGBIO membership. (10/13/00)

Action: SIGBIO and SIGAPP leaders can present a proposal for merger as a revitalization plan. (10/13/00)

Action: Klein and Chesnais to meet with SIGCUE leaders when appropriate to determine whether or not to move ahead. (10/13/00)

Action: Cohoon to report SGB support of Rights and Responsibilities to Publications Board. (10/14/00)

Action: Baglio to inform appropriate HQ staff of new allocation scheme for FY'02.(10/14/00)

Action: Klein to inform SIGAPL Leaders that the SGB EC is concerned with their slipping publications schedule. (11/14/00)

Action: Furuta will inform Rob Corless that the request for extension of terms was approved. (11/14/00)

2) Executive Session -

Action: Chesnais will invite appropriate SIG EC to ACM HQ for a meeting.

3) SIGCHI request for election nomination variance -

Secretary Furuta reported that Mike Atwood, SIGCHI Nominations Chair requested an exception to the ACM election policy requiring 2 candidates for the Vice Chair of Conferences position. The SGB EC discussed the issue and determined that they would need the endorsement of the SIGCHI EC in order to consider.

Action: Furuta to inform Atwood that the request for an exception to the ACM election policy requiring 2 candidates for elected positions should be endorsed by the SIGCHI EC and then sent brought to the SGB EC for consideration.

4) SIGGRAPH request for separate membership card -

Secretary Furuta reported that the SIGGRAPH leadership has requested that affiliate members (do not receive ACM membership cards) receive SIGGRAPH membership cards. Identification within the graphics community is very important to SIGGRAPH leaders. The card would be of similar format to ACM's to make it as easy as possible to administer within ACMs current membership facility.

The SGB EC was supportive of the concept but agreed that it need to be done in a way to make ACM look like a uniform organization. ACM HQ representatives indicated that the administration was not an issue, it could be done. Of greater concern to the whole group was a way to handle to make it uniform so that ACM does not appear as a disjointed organization. It was suggested that a ACM membership cards be issued listing all the SIGs an individual belongs to. Affiliates would also receive these cards.

Action: Furuta will inform MAB that SIGGRAPH has made a request to issue affiliate membership cards. He will indicate that the SGB EC endorsed the concept and would like the MAB to recommend a general, manageable way to handle which will benefit all SIGs.

SIGGRAPH also requested some bylaw changes which were just distributed to the group for review. Furuta expects to discuss during the next conference call.

Action: Baglio to include SIGGRAPH bylaw changes on January conference call agenda.

5) SIGCAS and SIGCSE bylaw changes (10 minutes)

The SIGCAS bylaw changes have been reviewed by all the appropriate individuals (SIGCAS EC, Pat Ryan, Bob Ashenhurst) and are ready to be issued to the membership for a vote. Furuta explained that the major change to the SIGCAS bylaws would allow the membership to elect a board of directors much like the SGB EC. There would still be a 2 candidate election for the position of Chair.

The SGB EC endorsed the change to the SIGCAS bylaws as requested by the SIGCAS EC.

Action: Chesnais will report to the ACM EC that the SIGCAS bylaw amendment to elect a board of directors will go forth to the SIGCAS membership as part of their election materials.

The SIGCSE bylaw changes have been reviewed by SIGCSE EC and Pat Ryan. Furuta is awaiting Bob Ashenhurst's approval. Furuta explained that the SIGCSE leadership has made changes allowing a three year term rather than a 2 year term.

The SGB EC endorsed the change to the SIGCSE bylaws contingent on the review and approval by Bob Ashenhurst, ACM's Constitution and Bylaws Chair.

Action: Chesnais will report to the ACM EC that the SIGCSE bylaw amendment to allow three year terms will go forth to the SIGCSE membership as part of their election materials.

6) New SIG on Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence -

Baglio reported that she'd received a request from Eric Horvitz to start a Special Interest Group on Association for Uncertainty Artificial Intelligence. She suggested that Mr. Horvitz contact Jeffrey Bradshaw of SIGART to discuss working within that group. Mr. Horvitz was quite familiar with SIGART--and knows Jeff well. He is on the editorial board of Intelligence and has been a councilor of the AAAI. He indicated that UAI had AI in its name but is a distinct community and conference with a long history. He compared the relationship to SIGART and the SIG he was interested in starting to SIGKDD and SIGMOD.

Baglio forwarded the information to Feldman for review and advice.

7) Publications Report - Publications Advisor Cohoon to lead discussion (5 min)

There was no publications report.

8) Other issues (as possible)

No other issues were discussed.

Action: Chesnais will put up conference cal scheduler for the monthly SGB EC calls to be held January through June'01.



  • Donna Baglio
  • Alan Berenbaum
  • Alain Chesnais
  • Stuart Feldman
  • Rick Furuta
  • Mark Scott Johnson
  • David Notkin
  • Pat Ryan
  • Mary Lou Soffa
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Stephen Hayne
  • Bruce Klein