Minutes of the November 19th SGB EC Conference

1) Objectives of 11/19/98 Conference Call - Vice Chair Notkin led the discussion.

Notkin reviewed the main objective of the call; to cover the agenda and keep on schedule. He quickly summarized the items to be discussed and suggested that if the group did not have time to discuss the action items that they be done via e-mail.

2) Policy and Procedures - Secretary Baer led the discussion.

Baer suggested that the SGB meeting twice each year appeared to meet the needs of the SIGs and that should be continued. He also suggested that the SGB EC schedule of meeting twice each year augmented by monthly conference calls was adequate. He requested a list of standing committees to the SGB EC. Baglio reported that these standing committees included the SDF Committee (reporting to the VC Development) and the FCRC Steering Committee (reporting to the conference advisor) and the TSC (reporting to the SGB EC Chair) were all active committees. ACM still recognizes a "conference committee" however the committee has been defunct for years. The group suggested officially dissolving them.

The discussion then turned to the activities of the SGB EC and their responsibilities. There was great concern that the SGB EC not overstep their bounds with regard to decision making, recognizing that the decision makers are now the SGB. It was decided that the operating rules should include a reference indicating that a member of the SGB can object to a decision made by the SGB EC within a designated period of time. Objection with support would eventually lead to a vote of the SGB. To avoid this, the SGB EC decided it would be appropriate to act on decisions between meetings that were routine. Anything involving controversy should go to the SGB with a recommendations from the SGB EC on action.

Baer requested that the previous SIG Board budget be distributed so the group would have an idea of what they were responsible for particularly with regard to travel.

He indicated that several SIGs would like to change their election policies and suggested that the SGB EC form a task force to review the needs to do so.

The group decided that minutes to their meetings should be placed on-line so that all Chairs could review them and take action on an issue if necessary.

Action: Baer will review the operating rules, make recommended changes and forward to the SGB EC for review.

Action: Baer to form an election task force to review the changes the SIGs would like to make and provide recommendations to the ACM EC to make those changes.

Action: Baglio will distribute Election Operating Rules. Please note Whitton distributed these during the call.

Action: Baglio will place minutes of the SGB EC meeting on the web.

3) Awards - Vice Chair Furuta led the discussion.

Furuta reviewed the 2 SIG awards (SIGKDD and SIGCAS) that were proposed. He is concerned that the SIGCAS award proposal is not clear with regard to the eligibility of Award Committee Members. He has requested clarification from the Chair of SIGCAS and will get back to the SGB EC with a motion via e-mail.

He also has requested clarification from the SIGKDD Chair on the financial framework for the KDD award. He will follow up with e-mail to the SGB EC on this award.

The group decided that in the future, Furuta should continue to request that the SGB-EC endorse award proposals prior to submitting to the Awards committee. He will inform SIG Awards Advisor, Mark Scott Johnson of the procedure.

Action: Furuta to inform SIG Awards Liaison that Awards are to be endorsed by SGB-EC through the VC of Development prior to being forwarded to the ACM Awards Committee for approval.

4) Technical Standards Committee (TSC) - Vice Chair Furuta led the TSC discussion.

All SGB-EC members were sent the TSC Annual report submitted by Jim Moore. They were made aware that a TSC Chair needed to be appointed as well as several committee members. Moore's suggestion of disbanding the committee was not supported by the SGB-EC. Instead, they requested that Furuta put together a task force to discuss the mission and the future of this group. Baglio suggested that he request that the leadership from both SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI be involved as they've been active in this area within their SIGs.

Action: Furuta to put together a task force on the future and mission of the TSC. He will request participation from SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH.

5) SGB EC Member Reports -

Ellis reported that the ACM Council members voiced the same concerns as the SGB with regard to SIGLINK's new name; SIGWEB. It's important that SIGWEB expand it's horizon as suggested in their name change proposal. The group agreed that this would be an area to watch over and guide if necessary. Furuta indicated that the SIGWEB EC was aware of the issues and is discussing their major focus at this time.

Ellis also reported that Barbara Simons was currently working on the nominations committee for ACM elections. Although the SIGs no longer have a representative she encouraged the group to provide her with names of candidates for the committee to pass onto Simons. It would be good to have input with regard to this committee.

Notkin reminded the group that Steve Cunningham was seeking input on the future of the SIG Discretionary Fund. He urged the SGB EC to contribute their suggestions and at least let Cunningham know that they're thinking about it.

Snodgrass indicated that he'd send the group e-mail with regard to the progress he is making on the reviewer database software and other areas of concern with regard to conferences.

Jim Bondi, SIGMICRO Chair has suggested that Steve Beaty be named Chair of SIGMICRO. The group requested that Boots Cassel discuss this with Jim Bondi and provide a recommendation to the SGB EC for approval.

Action: Cassel will discuss the SIGMICRO Chair appointment with Jim Bondi and make a recommendation to the SGB EC.

6) Future Meetings - HQ Liaison Baglio led the discussion.

Baglio informed the SGB EC the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco, site of the International Joint Conference on Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration had the necessary space for the SGB/SGB EC meetings in February. She was currently holding Saturday 2/20 and Sunday 2/21 prior to the start of the conference.

The group suggested that the meetings be held as follows: Friday 2/19 SGB EC meeting, Saturday 2/20 SGB meeting all day followed by an SGB EC evening wrap-up. The SGB EC requested that Baglio finalize the details with the facility.

Ellis reported that during the SGB EC meeting (2/4/98) and the recent ACM Council meeting it was suggested that the SGB EC hold a retreat to further discuss some of the goals and objectives brought forth by the SGB. A site option for this meeting is NY around the time of the ACM Awards Banquet (May 15). The group discussed the possible retreat options. It was decided that May in NY was not a preferred time. Instead, they'd like to explore the possibility of having a retreat in a truly "retreat type" destination in January.

Action: Baglio will seek sights and dates for a January retreat.

7) Review status of Current Action Items -

The group decided to discuss action items via e-mail.



  • Jean-Loup Baer
  • Donna Baglio
  • Boots Cassel
  • Jim Cohoon
  • Carla Ellis
  • Rick Furuta
  • David Notkin
  • Richard Snodgrass
  • Mary Lou Soffa
  • Mary Whitton
  • Doris Lidtke