"Augmented Reality: From Gaming to Cognitive Aids and Beyond"

Panel Description

Augmented reality—the overlay of contextually-relevant digital information onto the real world—has captivated our imaginations both in fiction and in practice. In recent years we have seen everything from excitement and concern over the potential of worn displays such as Google Glass to the convergence of hordes of Pokémon-catching smartphone users in public parks and spaces. In addition to gaming and entertainment, promising applications of augmented reality include navigation, sightseeing, military heads-up and head-mounted displays, maintenance and repair and medicine. In this panel, we look forward and explore how the sensing and sensory display technologies of augmented reality can empower individuals and communities.


Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology and Mozilla Corporation  (Moderator); Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. (1999 Turing Laureate), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Peter Lee, Microsoft AI and Research; Yvonne Rogers, University College London; and Ivan Sutherland (1988 Turing Laureate), Portland State University