Outstanding Chapter Activities Winner

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences ACM Student Chapter

Chapter Officers:

Anas Khurshid, Chair ([email protected])

Muhammad Ateeq Azam, Vice-Chair ([email protected])

Muhammad Shahzeb, Vice-Chair ([email protected])

Fahad Jabbar, General Secretary ([email protected])

Hania Batool, Assistant General Secretary ([email protected])

Syed Ammar Bukhari, Treasurer ([email protected])

Adeen Yousaf, Publicity-Chair ([email protected])

Dr.Kh.M.Umer Suleman, Faculty Sponsor ([email protected])


About the chapter:

The ACM chapter of FAST-NU was established back in 2001. Since then, this society has been on the forefront in organizing wide range of computing related events on campus. But this year turns out to be even more exciting as NUCES-ACM bags the maximum number of events and has been successful enough to make its mark on international level too keeping in line with the vision of ACM International. Having a chapter of ACM at our university, FAST-NU, gives the undergraduate students a chance to enhance their skills, spread technical knowledge and initiate programs that are targeted to an environment of a third world country and can be conducive in producing motivated and talented individuals.

The ACM society here at the Lahore campus of FAST-NUCES is a combination of multi-discipline undergraduate students belonging to diverse background comprising of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management Sciences. Under the advisement of faculty members including published PhD scholars, we try to inculcate a culture of self enhancement and knowledge propagation through technology. Every year, we improve our structure and give students an opportunity to acquire management skills by involving them in all of the proceedings throughout the year. Be it volunteers or the executive body, participants or judges, there are opportunities for everyone and skills to be acquired. The motivated and self-sufficient students graduating from FAST-NU owe a large part of their training to the environment provided by our chapter of ACM. 

NUCES-ACM is officially composed of 318 original members and officers. Additionally there are also a lot of supporting students, who are always there to support and willing to take part in all the activities arranged by our chapter.

Web page: http://www.nuces-acm.org/                             

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NUCES.ACM

About the School and the Department:

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and Mathematics. Its history dates back to 1985 when it was set up under the name of Foundation for Advancement in Science and Technology (FAST). Currently it is the only leading university of Pakistan with its campuses spread across in all big cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

Students who take computer science and related courses, and typical majors of our chapter members:


Number of students in the major

Computer Science


Electrical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Management Sciences



In our faculty, there are 3215 undergraduate engineering students and 3521 if we include master, specialization and PhD students. Among them, there are 1200 students who take computer science. Typical majors of chapter members are in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, few of them are from other disciplines i.e Civil Engineering & Management Sciences.



Outstanding Chapter Activities 2013-14

NUCES ACM student chapter stands in those chapters that sponsored a series of exceptional activities throughout the year and also have focused their efforts on a single major activity i.e “International Geek Week’14”.Following is a quick recap that speaks about the unmatchable volume of our ACM chapter’s eventful calendar year.

A short video on activities overview:  http://www.nuces-acm.org/nuces-acm-activities-report-2013-14/

1.      Short Course on Web Development and Android Development

  • 15th July - 15th August
  • No. of Participants: 145
  • Description: This was the first event of the academic year and it encouraged the students specially those having boring summers to bring in the best of their intellects and utilize it with something useful that is definitely going to benefit them in the later years. This is the age of IT and we are there to provide the students with the best possible set of skills.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/webandroid-dev-summer2013/

2.      Frosh Welcome- Cryptic Treasure Hunt

  • 10th September 2013
  • No. of Participants: 213
  • Description: This event was meant to officially kick-start the proceedings for the academic year 2013-14 and what better way to arrange an orientation for the new batch and a welcome to the fresh inductees. The orientation saw a great number of attendees flooding the auditorium. Keeping in view the exhilarating response by the students we also arranged a Cryptic Treasure Hunt for all the tech-savvy.This was like a scavenger hunt involving multiple cryptic riddle in order to get the next clue in order to win the amazing prize money at the end of the competition.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/orientation-2013/

3.      Coding Day 1

  • 10th October 2013
  • No. of Participants: 100
  • Description: To prove intellectual and programming skills of the students. Its main aim was to rekindling the coding spirit, also giving them a golden opportunity to prove their abilities. In the long run it also prepared the students for large-scale programming competitions within or outside of fast
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/coding-day-01-fall2013/

4.      Introduction to LINUX and  Graphic Designing & Photoshop


5.      Seminar on Robotics by Prof Dr. Karsten Berns (Germany) at FAST

  • 30th October 2013
  • No. of Participants: 80
  • Description: A seminar on the exciting field of Robotics was conducted with main focus on Research and development in the area of autonomous mobile robots and humanoid robots. Guest speaker was Prof Dr. Karsten Berns who is an eminent researcher of robotics in Germany
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/seminar-on-robotics-fall2013/

6.      Tech Talk on Self-service Cloud Computing

  • 6th November 2013
  • No. of Participants: 60
  • Description: The future belongs to cloud computing and therefore foreseeing the advancement in the field of technology; we decided to hold a TECH-TALK on Self-service Cloud Computing which has main focus on Security & Privacy and Inadequate flexibility provided to the clients.
  • The session was conducted by Mr. Shakeel Butt who is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/a-tech-talk-on-self-service-cloud-computing/

7.      Mini LAN Party

  • 11th November 2013
  • No. of Participants: 100
  • Description: Mini LAN Party was organized that invited all the gaming enthusiasts to bring their own gears. The venue, network and power was provided by us and result was marathon gaming contests that created quite a buzz around the campus.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/lan-parties/

8.      Talk by CEO Wateen Telecom

  • 13th November 2013
  • No. of Participants: 100
  • Description: "How to take charge of your Dreams" This Talk focused on balancing amongst academics, work, peer/social pressure, parental expectations, relationships, entertainment and personal goals and was given by Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom at Old Auditorium , FAST-NU Lahore.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/talk-by-ceo-wateen-telecom/

9.      Trip to GIKI (SOFTCOM)

  • 15th November 2013
  • No. of Participants: 65
  • Description: NUCES-ACM participated in ACM GIKI SOFTCOM '14 with full fervor and we took 65 participants to Ghulam Ishaq Khan University (436km away). We overall participated in more than 7 competitions and bagged several awards and most importantly recognition at the university level.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/softcom-2014/

10.  Coding Day 2

  • 20th November 2013
  • No. of Participants: 120
  • Description: This was the continuation of the coding day 1.Ranging from basic to advance levels,the question problems focused on the speed and efficiency of the participants.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/coding-day-02-fall2013/

11.  Short Courses in Winter break on Windows Development and Graphic Designing

12.  Organized Eng.& IT Competitions at PYF

  • 20th January – 15th February 2014
  • No. of Participants: 500
  • Description: This was one of the biggest achievements from our last year. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Government of Punjab on of the most exciting internationally recognized event, Punjab Youth Festival. Under the PYF umbrella, we successfully organized the Extreme Coding competitions & Poster designing competition
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/pyf-2014/

13.  Guest TALK BY LORD NAZIR (British Parliamentarian)

  • 19th February 2014
  • No. of Participants: 200
  • Description: NUCES ACM invited the honorable Lord Nazir Ahmed (Member British Parliament).
  • The purpose of his talk was to enlighten the students regarding: “Education in Pakistan and its international impact”. It gave a chance to students to look into their educational system from a broader perspective.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/talk-by-lord-nazir-spring2014/

14.  Mentored IT  Competitions at DAIRA'14 - Olympiad at FAST FAISALABAD

  • 28th February – 2 March 2014
  • No. of Participants: 450
  • Description: NUCES-ACM is always looking forward to collaborate with other campuses and universities and to share our expertise with our fellows. In the same spirit we helped our sister campus FAST-Faisalabad (200km away) to successfully organize the Olympiad. We were fully appreciated and awarded as well on our effort towards the successful organization of event.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/mentor-at-daira14/

15.  ACM ICPC National/Invitation 2014

  • 9th March 2014
  • No. of Participants: 210
  • Description: We at NUCES-ACM always look ahead of the time and keeping that in mind we organized ACM ICPC National as a first step to bag the hosting rights of the international version of the same event.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/acm-icpc-national-2014/

16.  WORKSHOP on Programming Competition

17.  Programmer of the Year

  • 25th March 2014
  • No. of Participants: 90
  • Description: A total of 30+ teams participated and the competition tested the skills of over 90 participants. ProXY participants solved a maximum of 3 out of 5 problems. Difficulty level for this competition was relatively higher considering the standards of Geek Week. However the competition was very competitive with teams from all the batches participating. The participating teams did try an average of 2 problems per team (accumulative).
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/programmers-of-the-year-2014/

18.  WORKSHOP on App cracking and firewall hacking

  • 25th March 2014
  • No. of Participants: 60
  • Description: This was an opportunity for all of those who are passionate for learning the techniques of app cracking and finding bugs in firewall. It was great time to start learning how to find security lapse in firewalls and cracking applications, a step forward to ethical hacking.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/workshop-appcrackingfirewallhacking/

19.  Guidance on selecting Final Year Project

  • 18th April 2014
  • No. of Participants: 65
  • Selection of Final Year Project is certainly one of the most critical decisions that a student has to make in its bachelor’s degree. Looking into the difficulties faced by every years graduating students, we specially organized a workshop that effectively dealt with this dilemma and focused upon the various stages of the projects mainly Initiation, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Maintenance, and After Sales Service
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/selecting-fyp-spring2014/

20.  Collaboration with other ACM chapters of Pakistan

  • Description: NUCES ACM is looking forward to bring all other ACM chapters of Pakistan on one platform where they can interact with each other. For this purpose NUCES ACM  has recently signed a collaboration document with PUCIT ACM chapter & ACM –NUCES Karachi Chapter  which is a big step in the uniting all the computing communities nationally.

21.  Annual Team Dinner:

  • At NUCES-ACM we always believe in healthy working environment and taking the mission of connecting people. Hosting Annual Team was a big effort in this regard as it provides a chance to all members to come together and enjoy the light moments. Also it is a great opportunity for the new-comers to interact with seniors and ex-members who have now graduated and stepped into the practical world. Thus this event is turned into a great networking opportunity for all ACM members.
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/annual-team-dinner/

22.  Chapter’s 13th Birthday:

23.  Inviting other universities in Pakistan to open ACM Student Chapters:
  • We are currently working on arranging Information sessions in order to promote the idea of having ACM chapters nationwide so that they can come to know about its importance. In this regard, we have initiated our efforts and currently taken the ACM mission to leading universities including COMSATS Sahiwal, Information Technology University Lahore, FAST-NU Faisalabad, FAST-NU Peshawar, University of Sargodha and many other notable varsities.

24.  GEEK WEEK 2014 International

  • 28th March – 30th March 2014
  • No. of Participants: 1000
  • Description: This was certainly the biggest event in the history of ACM chapters nationwide mainly because of its magnitude going on to international level. Special ACM shirts were also printed for NUCES ACM team Members. It saw a huge influx of participant going above 1000 students participating from not only Pakistan but also from our neighboring country India. Below are some of the most prominent competitions held under the GEEK WEEK ‘14·         
    • Asian Programming Contest (In collaboration with ACM chapters of India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia & Iran)·         

    • Development Fest

    • Geek Wars

    • Gaming Competitions

    • Micro-Controller Interfacing and Programming Competitions

    • Cipher Hacking Competition

    • Poster Designing Competition

    • Engineering Project Competition

    • Seminars and Workshops

    • Motivational Talk by Justice Nasim Hassan Shah & Former Prime Minister of AJK

    • Socials and Entertainment Eve

    • LAN Party

  • This event was covered by National/International Print Media.
  • http://g33kweek.com/
  • http://www.nuces-acm.org/geek-week-2014/


25.            Approval of ACM-ICPC Regional 2014 (First time in Pakistan)

  • And Last but not the least, due to our amazing run throughout the year, our faculty advisor have been successful enough to bag the hosting rights of ACM ICPC International that is going to be an IBM Sponsored event. We hope that this huge event will not only raise the bar for the NUCES-ACM on regional level but will also help it to improve its already proven international stature by volunteering in organizing this event..

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