Outstanding Recruitment Winner

IBA ACM Student Chapter

1.     Chapter Name:


2.     Chapter Address:

KU Circular Road
Karachi University
Karachi, NY Pakistan 75270
[email protected]
Phone: 92-21-38104700

3.    Chapter Officers:

Chairperson: Abdullah Irfan
Vice Chair: Fahad Ali
Treasurer: Uzair Siddiqui
General Secretary: Haseeb Hussain
Faculty Sponsor: Dr Sajjad Haider

4.    About IBA ACM:

IBA ACM student chapter was formed to introduce students to an educational and scientific Association and to develop the habit of professional growth achieved through participation in local Chapters. IBA ACM, is currently on of the 15th ACM chapter in Pakistan and has already made its mark on the list of distinguished ACM chapters in Pakistan and soon all around the world.

Vision Statement:  “Kindling and enhancing knowledge and creativity amongst our students and making them more aware in the IT industry to define their future”

Mission Statement:  To become a leading organization in acquainting our student to the IT industry and providing them learning opportunities via various sessions to enhance their knowledge regarding computer sciences and provide them the professional networking with these very industries.

Aims and objectives:

  • Provide professional contacts to our students of the distinguished computing experts via conferences
  • Foster collaboration with these professionals to provide learning opportunities.
  • Maintain acquaintance to stay up to date with the IT industry.
  • Provide students opportunities for the intellectual  growth (using papers, debates, panel discussions and forums)
  • Facilitate research within our students.
  • Provide leadership opportunities to facilitate leadership capabilities and growth.
  • Make our students aware of the ethical standards and practices in the IT industry

Currently we have 30 students which comprise of the total General Body here at IBA ACM. The Faculty of Computer Science at IBA has approximately 350 students. Formed just a few years ago, stand as one of the best institutes offering Computer Science as a degree. Majors in computer includes fields given below:

   a. Networking

   b. Databases

   c. Artificial Intelligence

   d.Software Development

Since the chapter has recently been formed (25th January 2014) the website is still underway. However we have been operating through our Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/ACMIBA

IBA ACM would like to nominate itself for the following award:

Outstanding Recruitment Program (450 Words)

ACM student chapter was not established in our university till January 2014. The idea to establish the student chapter was put to work by the current Executive Body who are sophomores at IBA. The first major task was to find volunteers willing to work with us. So in order to do that, we first held information session where we introduced the students of our campus to the amazing learning opportunities provided by ACM. The information session took place in both the campuses of IBA with over 200 students participating in the session.

Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/423578214436414/?ref=22

By the end of the information session we played a video where we announced the beginning of our recruitment program. Link to the video:http://vimeo.com/81363775

The recruitment was done carefully since this was the first time we had established the society and only those who were highly motivated and the best were needed. We first did an initial form screening, and later called in for the interviews. Out of 70 applications 60 received the call for the interviews.

We set a criteria for judging and on that basis, we selected candidates for the above mentioned areas in the given poster. Out of the 60 who came for the interview we selected 27 members in the given breakup:-

   1) Communications & Editorial :-  5 members

   2) Technical :- 4 members

   3) Marketing :- 5 members

   4) Corporate Liaison:- 4 members

   5) Membership Development:- 4 members

   6) Event Management:- 5 members      

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=573517902742645&set=a.147871625307277.33320.147835081977598&type=1&theater

The last phase of recruitment was choosing the team heads. Each and every member that was now part of the general body was given a chance to nominate themselves for the position of their respective Team as Head. After receiving nominations we had group discussion among the nominees where we gave scenarios to be solved. During this evaluation we observed how each nominee handled the situation, and selected the Team Heads.

As of now the IBA ACM Student Chapter has 30 members of which 10 have taken the membership. This has been our very first recruitment and the response has been amazing after all the efforts we had put in, and we aren’t stopping here. We are having a membership drive after our second term exam, from which we expect to atleast 20 students to take the ACM Membership.

The recruitment process lasted for about 2 weeks. First the information session, then the application screening (the application form is given at the end) **, then the call for the interview, and finally ended with the selection of Team Heads through the group discussions. We believe that each and every detail is vital for selection. We selected the team members and then we chartered the Student Chapter in January, 2014.

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