Outstanding Chapter Activities Winner

UPES ACM Student Chapter


University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,
Energy Acres, Bidholi via Premnagar,
Uttarakhand, India.

Chapter Executives

Pankaj Badoni ([email protected] ) - Chapter Faculty Sponsor

Sanyam Grover ([email protected]) - Chapter Chairperson

Prince Madan ([email protected]) - Chapter Vice-Chairperson

Yash Chaturvedi ([email protected] )  - Chapter Secretary

About UPES 


Founded by prominent educationalists and industry experts, UPES is committed to maintain high standards in providing quality education. The university endeavors to be recognized as a 'Nation Builders University' with a progressive vision of creating specialized professionals in the core sectors that can contribute in the economic growth of the country.

Focused on the requirements of the future, UPES offers a wide spectrum of globally competitive undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs in Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation (EIT) and other growth sectors. The university’s objective is to develop domain specific and competent technocrats, professionals and managers who are ready to join the core industries.

About UPES ACM Student Chapter


UPES-ACM Student Chapter started its activity from April 2010 by organizing Poster presentation competition with a theme ‘IT Applications in Energy Sectors’. It also organized Paper presentation on Green Computing besides community program in the year 2010 and 2011 for Computer Awareness. We participated in this program I which we taught computer skills to Students from nearby Village Schools organized by Corporate Social Responsibility cell if the University.

“Dreams pass on to the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again, and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” Anais Nin couldn’t have put it better.

We at University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies’ ACM chapter thrive on this piece of wisdom. With every new step taken, we aim to fulfill our ambition, and in the course of this actualization, we realize better and more ambitious goals.

The ACM student chapter at UPES, Dehradun, India is a unique amalgamation of aspiration, hard work and productive work structure. With members dedicated towards achieving perfection, sincerity is an imbibed trait.

The chapter emphasizes on technological awareness and has taken great steps in sharing this technological advancement with not only chapter members but all university students. ACM became one of the first chapters in the university to organize a Distinguished Speaker Program, wherein, Professor Hanan Samet, an acknowledged scholar in the field of GPS, enlightened students about his latest work in the field of GIS technology.

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies apart from academic brilliance has always believed in bridging the gap between the industry requirement and what the industry lacks. Due to this the University has opened up few specific and niche Computer Science Engineering courses like Computer Science with Specialization in Oil and Gas Informatics, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Open Source and Standards, Mainframe Technology, Business Analytics and Optimization, Retail Informatics and IT Infrastructure Management.. ACM dutifully does its part in fulfilling the university aim by holding regular seminars in various technologies related to the above mentioned fields.

The ACM Student Chapter consists of members of not only the above mentioned Computer Science streams, but also of higher and more distinguished studies’ streams like Masters Course in Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Fluid Dynamics, etc.

In its journey to realize its aim of complete technological awareness in the field of computer science, the chapter also makes attempts at recognizing talent and rewarding it through various competitions like Brainstorm.

The chapter also maintains a balance between co-curricular events and extra-curricular events as it is well known that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. With certain sports centered events, the chapter has accomplished a certain part in its quest for well-rounded growth of its participants and chapter members. The entire chapter puts all its blood and sweat into each of the events. The chapter works with utmost integrity and sincerity and has set a standard in terms of quality of events and seminars held.

Chapter Activities

The Chapter, in association with HackerEarth organized an International Coding Championship to celebrate the CS Ed Week in December 2014. 7 Problems were provided and 7 Hours were given to solve them, an hour per problem, hence HOUR OF CODE. The competition was open for 7 days, 8thto 14th December 2014, the entire CS Ed Week. More than 300 participants from IITs , NITs and IIITs participated . The solutions that the participants submitted were in languages C, C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, Ruby, Haskel, Clojure, etc.

International Participation came from across 5 continents, only except Antarctica and Australia. More than 200 participants from US, Sweden, France, Germany, Brazil, Bolivia, Africa, etc. participated in the Championship.

Certificate of Completion of Hour of Code was distributed to the top 20 participants.

  • Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing

Grace Hopper Conference for women in computing, India was a conference organized by Anita Borg Institute and ACM India. On behalf of the UPES ACM Students Chapter, Tanya Goel and Manjari Dhoundiyal were the two selected students under the guidance of our Faculty Member Mrs. Divya Negi.

  • Modeling Symposium (co located with ISEC)

The Chapter submitted a poster and an abstract for The 8th India Software Engineering Conference 2015. The Chapter sent delegates to Bangalore to attend the Conference.

  • Distinguished Speakers’ Program and Eminent Speakers’ Program

The Chapter had invited Dr. Hanan Samet of the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, USA as DSP in 2014.

This year, at the PRODIGY, the Technical Festival of UPES ACM Student Chapter, the Chapter had invited Dr. Rudrapatna Shyamasundar, Distinguished Professor, IIT-Bombay as the DSP; and Mr. Vivek Kulkarni, Chief Architect, Persistent labs, Persistent Systems India Ltd as the Eminent Speaker to speak on Computer Security: Challenges and Theory of Automata respectively duringPRODIGY 2015 at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

  • ACM Women Chapter

The Inauguration of the UPES ACM Women Chapter took place on 28th April 2015 at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. Manjari Dhoundiyal has been appointed as the Chair and Tanya Goel has been given the responsibility of Vice Chair.

  • ACM International Coding League

The UPES ACM Student Chapter organized the ACM ICL in the PRODIGY 2015. More than 400 participants from across the world (from countries like USA, Germany, France, etc) took part in this fantastic competition.

  • PRODIGY 2015

The UPES ACM Student Chapter organized its annual Technical Festival, PRODIGY 2015 in March 2015. Over 2000 students from across India participated in 13 events, 2 workshops and 2 guest lectures (DSP and ESP). PRODIGY 2015 was organized in collaboration with the Google Student Ambassador Program, India. In the Advanced Android Workshop organized, Lecturers from Google Developer Group, India visited the University and taught Students to develop applications with advanced features on the Android platform. Events that were organized at PRODIGY are, ACM ICL, Code Relay, Envisage, Code in the Blanks, Sukhantiki, Pandora’s Box, Tech Debathon, Mobile Application Development (MAD), Smile Please, Scavenger Hunt, Project Expo, and Generation Web.


The Public Relations Team of the UPES ACM Student Chapter worked very hard from the beginning of the session 2014-15 to enroll more and more students as the ACM Members. We achieved success and more students took the membership than ever.

Branch or Trade  Number of Members enrolled in 2014-2015 session
B.Tech CS Open Source and Standards


B.Tech CS Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology 7
B.Tech CS  Business Analytics and Optimization 8
B.Tech CS  Mainframe Technology 11
B.Tech CS Oil & Gas Informatics 18
B.Tech CS Retail Automation 5
B.Tech CS IT Infrastructure 0
B.Tech L.Lb. Cyber Law 5
B.Tech CS Telecom Informatics 14
B.Tech CS Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics 35
M.Tech Artificial Intelligence 7
CS Faculties 5


As compared to previous years’ figures of 120 members, the UPES ACM Student Chapter enrolled 143 members this year, the highest in Chapter’s history. The members enrolling themselves with the UPES ACM Student Chapter is increasing every year. The UPES ACM Student Chapter, became the biggest Student Organization in the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies with more than 500 active members belonging to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th year of various courses.



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