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University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter

Address: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University College of Engineering, University of Tehran, North Kargar St., Tehran, Iran.

Chapter URLhttp://acm.ut.ac.ir

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/ut.acm

Twitter URLhttps://twitter.com/utacm1

Position Name Email
Faculty Sponsor:   Dr. Ramtin Khosravi      [email protected]
Chair: Pejman Hosseini [email protected]
Vice Chair: Navid Saleh [email protected]
Treasurer: Mohammad Madavi Doust  [email protected]
Secretary: Shervin Haji Esmaili     [email protected]
Web Master: Mohammad Reza Beyki  [email protected]
Supervisor: Aryaz Eghbali   [email protected]
Adviser: Farzaneh Ghods    [email protected]
  S. Shamim Taheri    [email protected]
Journal Editor-in-Chief: Amirreza Dadfarnia [email protected]
Journal Adviser: Shaghayegh Mardani [email protected]
Website Team Head: Faraz Yazdani [email protected]
Network Adviser:   Naeem Farhadian    [email protected]
  Reza Ghorbani Farid    [email protected]
  Pooya Moradi      [email protected]
Contests Team Head:   Mohsen Mahdieh   [email protected]
Contests Team Adviser: Amir Saboury       [email protected]
Seminars Team Head:   Hooman Habibnia   [email protected]

Recruitments Team Head:

Sara Javadzadeh [email protected]
  Sara Salimzadeh [email protected]

Description of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)


The school of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Tehran is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Iran. Hosting more than 70 academic and 30 support and technical staff, school of ECE provides a friendly, modern and supportive environment which consistently leads to excellence in education and cutting-edge research. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, the school is a highly-admired engineering college in Iran.


Flexibility of Graduate programs at ECE encourages students to envision their educational goals early on, and move towards them with the assistance of faculty members. In addition to participating in educational curriculum, undergraduate students are welcomed at laboratories.

On average, the number of students who major in the fields of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at the school of ECE is as follows:

Field of Major Number of Students
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering:   70
B.Sc. in Information Technology: 30
M.Sc. in Software Engineering:   15
M.Sc. in Hardware Engineering: 20
M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence:  15
M.Sc. in Information Technology:  10
PH.D. in Software Engineering:   6
PH.D. in Hardware Engineering: 6
PH.D. in Artificial Intelligence:   6

Essay - Outstanding School Service

Since the establishment of our chapter in 2001, we have been always mindful of our contribution toward improvement of both academic and research programs within the university. To this effect, we have always encouraged everyone, particularly freshmen, to participate in and even contribute to our programs in order to create a stronger academic community in our school. Having this goal in mind, numerous events and activities have been organized over the previous year.

A significant program intended for freshmen is the Annual Artificial Intelligence Contest. To bring some fun to our academic activities, we encourage students to form groups of three and compete with each other. Each team is assigned a junior computer science student to code their proposed strategies.

The award-winning “F1 Journal” is among the most practical literature available to students at bachelor level. This quarterly journal covers a wide range of topics from the new technologies emerging in industries to our department academic news, from interviews with faculty members to challenging articles in theoretical computer science. The editorial board consists of a group of sophomore and junior students.

In addition to the numerous events and seminars organized during the academic year, a number of other substantial programs are being held during summer. Summer of Code is the other event which takes place with association of our chapter. This event is a great opportunity for students of different backgrounds to experience team work in a medium-scale project.

Education in developing countries to a great extend suffers from lack of proper infrastructure and financial support from government, which potentially can compromise the academic growth. Therefore, student activities are of high importance and our chapter in particular has always tried to play an important role in encouraging and initiating such activities. The officers and members of this chapter consider it their obligation to further increase the effectiveness of the chapter and promote computer science within our school and community to the best of their abilities.

Major Chapter activities between July 2014 and June 2015

Workshop on Recognizing Individual Potentials

  • Dec 10th, 17th , 24th , and 31st
  • Recognition of one’s individual capabilities helps people tailor their career path to their talents and skills, so they can make better decisions regarding different aspects of their lives.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/149
  • Average 28 attendees

Weekly Programming Contests

  • Participation in ACM ICPC is one our main programs, so by holding preparation classes and practice contests the chapter helps talented students to become more adept at ICPC style problem solving.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/151
  • Average 15 attendees

Internet Engineering Festival

  • May 20th
  • A great opportunity for students enrolled in Internet Engineering course to present their final products to a wide range of audience including faculty members and distinguished guests from industries and government agencies.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/138
  • Over 200 attendees

Virtual Enrollment Application

  • In cooperation with office of undergraduate studies, a comprehensive web application was developed to assist students with pre-enrollment and planning their courses for the coming semester. Moreover, possible problems with the schedule were reported through this application to the office of undergraduate studies.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/158
  • 850 unique clients

Summer Classes

  • Jul 26th Sep 6th
  • Numerous courses were available to both students and attendees from outside the university in summer.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/142
  • Around 200 attendees

How to Apply

  • Jun 23rd
  • Applying for universities and institutions of higher education should be done with careful consideration. Presenting some tips in writing the resume, statement-of-purpose, an interview with some Iranian students living abroad, and giving a brief explanation of each step in the process were among the highlights of this seminar.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/143
  • 216 attendees

AI Contest for Freshmen

  • Oct 24th
  • Seventy participants in 18 groups spent the first hour of the contest deciding on the strategy and were joined by a junior coder who was responsible for implementation of their proposed ideas.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/152
  • 70 attendees

RANA, Augmented Reality Service

  • For the first time in the history of F1, an augmented reality capability was introduced into the journal. The service was fully implemented by the chapter and enabled our audience to glance through their journal while watching videos and animations associated with the articles as well as rating the article author. An android application was released to the public which were downloaded more than 80 times.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/150
Summer of Code
  • University of Tehran Summer of Code program was established in June 2012 and ever since has played an important role in improvement of programming skills and teamwork capabilities with a focus on freshmen and sophomores.
  • http://summerofcode.ir/
  • 20 attendees

Discrete Mathematics Contest

  • May 9th
  • Traditional academic courses require great effort on students’ part without getting them excited about the subject or involving them more. The Discrete Mathematics Contest was a way to offer the students a more engaging way to get involved in the discrete mathematics course and pique their interest on the field.
  • http://acm.ut.ac.ir/acm/posts/155
  • 72 attendees

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