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University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Energy Acres, Bidholi via Premnagar, Dehradun-248007 Uttarakhand, India.

Chapter Executives

Pankaj Badoni ([email protected])
Faculty Sponsor
Hitesh Kumar Sharma ([email protected])
Faculty Mentor
Yash Chaturvedi ([email protected])
Pratyush Soni ([email protected])
Viranchi Dhawan ([email protected])
Aman Jain ([email protected])
Aditi Goyal ([email protected])
Joint Secretary

About University of Petroleum and Energy Studeies

Established in the year 2003, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies emerged as Asia’s first energy and core sector University offering industry focused specialized undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in various fields. UPES is committed to maintaining high standards in providing the best quality education and endeavors to be recognized as the ‘Nations Builders University’ with a vision of creating specialized professionals in the core industrial sectors that contribute to the economic growth of the country. Its primary goal is to develop domain specific and talented professionals who are ready to join the core industries by providing them proper resources they need to enhance their professional skills. It has many student chapters and societies consisting of student members, and faculty sponsors who work together to create a healthy working environment for the students. UPES believes in providing opportunities to each and every one to showcase their talents in front of the world by carrying out different technical and non-technical competitions, fests and events as well as workshops and tutorials. Its mission is to improve the skillsets of the individuals and upgrade it to a level which will help them stand out from the rest and bring out the best in them.

About UPES ACM Student Chapter
(http://www.upesacm.org )

Facebook: www.facebook.com/upesacm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UPESACM
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6603473/profile

Established in the year 2010, The UPES ACM Student Chapter primarily focuses on creating interest, developing logical thinking ability and spreading awareness about the technological and computing information among the people. Started as a small unit, the UPES ACM society evolved consistently year by year and is now the only student chapter with international exposure. The UPES ACM team believes in working together as a family and always standing as a constant support for each other. Currently a team of about 400 members, the chapter works as hard as possible and put all our hearts and sweat to make sure that it functions properly and stands to people’s expectations. Its main motive is to educate the community, sharing the valuable knowledge they have with the people and keeping them updated with the latest happenings in the technological world. It welcomes new and innovative ideas and makes sure that they get the proper exposure. ACM chapter conducts several workshops on various technical and non-technical themes from experts specializing in that field. It also conducts competitions, technical events, gaming events, fun contests to make sure there is entertainment and learning side by side. The annual technical fest, Prodigy which concentrates on increasing the passion and interest among the learners in their respective domains, happens in the month of March or April. It is the combination of dedication, hard work and hunger for achieving perfection, along with the utmost sincerity shown by the team that makes UPES ACM chapter the best. The constant show of support and active participation from its members makes it work even harder than ever to maintain the reputation it has built over the years.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”
This beautiful quote from Michael Jordan truly defines the shining journey of UPES ACM student chapter


Every year, the UPES ACM student chapter runs an intensive recruitment drive in the month of August, to bring in new talent. Guiding the new students in college and spread awareness about ACM and its importance is the prime motive behind this drive. In order to get the attention of people, classroom presentations were given and helpdesks were set up in the campus.

The link to the Prezi presented to the students during the Recruitment Drive: http://prezi.com/vfuhmvjucp_q/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

This includes information about history of ACM and UPES-ACM Student Chapter, the team, and the endless benefits that an ACM membership can offer.

Also, the promotional material provided by ACM HQ including flyers, posters and pens, helped in creating an impact among the students of the University.

Apart from the promotional drive, our previous work and the success of the past events speak for themselves. The talk of ACM being the best technical society in the campus, never stops taking rounds.

A majority of students have become members, and enjoyed the ACM advantage throughout the year. These advantages include concession in event registration fees, opportunity to seek mentorship under seniors, a chance to network with like-minded people, etc.

The number of people who enrolled into UPES ACM & UPES ACM-W Student Chapters is 348, and the diversity they have offered to the chapter is what makes us unique. It was not just the students from undergraduate programs, but even the students pursuing their postgraduate degree showed interest in our organization. This number of new registrations rising exponentially every year, the chapter has set a new benchmark in the University.

With more than 500 active members presently, the team is stronger than ever.

For recruitment as office bearers and the Core Committee of the chapter, the students are judged through a series of screening rounds. Applications are rolled out for all students of not only Computer Science but also all Engineering branches and the applicants have to submit their Curriculum Vitae within a week.

A rigorous group discussion followed by a Personal Interview round is held before the best of the lot are handpicked by the Chapter’s Faculty Coordinator himself. Such rigorous procedure ensures that only the students who promise dedication and quality get through.

It is the quality of this team that promises a successful year ahead.

ACM Case Studies

Written by leading domain experts for software engineers, ACM Case Studies provide an in-depth look at how software teams overcome specific challenges by implementing new technologies, adopting new practices, or a combination of both. Often through first-hand accounts, these pieces explore what the challenges were, the tools and techniques that were used to combat them, and the solution that was achieved.

Lifelong Learning

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